Mary: Mediatrix? Isn’t Jesus the ONE Mediator?

Q. The Catholic Bible says there is but one mediator between God and man. But the church designates Mary as a mediator. Is this not adding to the Word of God.

A . Jesus is the ONE mediator between God and man. If a mother prays for a wayward son, she is mediating on behalf of that son. And if God hears her prayers, that does not detract from the mediation of Christ. And as she can pray for her son, the Mother of Christ and the saints can pray for us.

And when they do it, it is Jesus mediating for us, for it is Jesus in them Who is doing so. You lack understanding of Christian doctrine. Christians, whether in Heaven or on Earth, are the members of Christ. He identifies Himself with them.

When Saul persecuted the Christians, Jesus said to him, “Why do you persecute Me?” So, if the sufferings and persecutions of the saints are His sufferings; the intercession of the saints is another form of His intercession.

We Catholics believe in the Communion of the Saints; the common union of all saints in Christ. Protestants say that they believe in the Communion of Saints, but diligently exclude all actual union with them. Catholics at least are conscious of belonging to the great family of God’s children, and do not insist on being strangers to all with whom they will be associated in Heaven. (Radio Replies)

Q. That all seems reasonable but still, to me, it seems to oppose the spirit of the Gospel that proposes Christ as the only Mediator.

A. Christ is the one principal Mediator. But He Himself chooses to dispense His mediation through secondary agents.

There is but one Queen of England, but that does not deny the existence of officials to whom the royal power is delegated. If fifty officials act in the name of the Queen, that does not make fifty Queens. there is still only ONE QUEEN.

For instance, Christ delegated His power to Priests and, as the one Mediator, acts through many channels. St. Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “Let a man so account of us as of the ministers of Christ, and the dispensers of the mysteries of God.” I Cor. 4:1.

2 Responses to Mary: Mediatrix? Isn’t Jesus the ONE Mediator?

  1. Liz says:

    Very well said and written.

  2. Agnes Ainsworth says:

    My understanding of the verse that Jesus is the only Mediator between God and Man actually means that the only true religion is Christianity and therefore excludes all the other non-Christian religions as channels to the One God. It says nothing about mediators to Jesus whether Mary or any other believer in Him i.e. the Communion of Saints.

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