Blessed Józef Pawłowski, January 9 Polish New Martyr

blessed-jozef-pawlowski-jan-8Blessed Józef Pawłowski

+ Dachau, Germany, January 9, 1942

On January 9 we commemorate the anniversary of the martyrdom of Polish priest, Joszef Pawlowski , victim of terror in Nazi concentration camp at Dachau, beatified by their compatriot Pope John Paul II on June 1999, together with 107 companions, including a fellow priest.

Joszef Pawlowski, was born in Proszowice, around Swietokrzyskie Poland, August 12, 1890 and was a priest from the Diocese of Kielce and rector of the seminary. He was arrested on February 1941 by the Gestapo, deported to the camp at Dachau, where he was hanged the following January 9.

SOURCE: Santi e Beati

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