Early Fathers on Purgatory

August 30, 2008

Q. I have been reading the early Christian writings and it gives us all of the writings of the Apostolic Fathers, these were the first Christians who were ordained by the Apostles and were taught and lived with the Apostles.

BFHU: I am curious what book you are reading. Because the books of the Early Fathers with all of them in it is 30 volumes or more and very expensive. There are shorter works and online versions. If you are reading a book from a Protestant publishing house it may have been edited to exclude writings that support the Catholic Faith.
Q. Purgatory is not mentioned in their writings and that in fact they say that the apostles, Peter and Paul as well as the first presbyters and bishops WENT TO THE HOLY PLACES AFTER THEY FELL ASLEEP (I.E. DIED )


Doesn’t this mean that these first christians believed in immediate entry into the glory of heaven?

A. All of the Apostles of Jesus, including St. Paul were martyred except St. John. We believe that those who are martyred for their faith DO go directly to Heaven. They atoned for their sins (temporal consequences) through their own passions. And we also believe that those who live very holy lives and offer up their sufferings in union with Christ may also skip Purgatory. So, it is not surprising that the first century fathers talked about the Apostles going straight to Heaven.


A. Purgatory is not mentioned in the Bible by that name either. But we all agree there was/is a place that is not Heaven and not Hell where the dead went for some period of time. Since scripture nowhere tells of its destruction on what authority do those who believe in Sola Scriptura assert that it is no longer used or in existence.

I am not sure when it began to be called Purgatory. So, in the earliest writings we must look to see if anyone puts forth the concept of purification of the dead before entrance into Heaven. What it is called, if it Read the rest of this entry »

August 29: Blessed Francisco Monzón Romeo, O.P., New Martyr Of Spain

August 29, 2008

Blessed Francisco Monzón Romeo

Brother Roger of Taizé: Catholic & Calvinist? Or Just Misrepresented?

August 29, 2008

In the last couple of days several blogs have written about the late Brother Roger of Taizé… The interest began with a post over at the widely-read blog (I am a reader myself!) Rorate Coeli in an article by Carlos Palad (Both Catholic and Calvinist?)  in the aftermath of an article appearing in L’Osservatore Romano: Was the Founder of Taizé Protestant, or Catholic? A Cardinal Solves the Riddle.

Shortly after the Palad post responses and thoughts were offered by Drs. Blosser & Liccione at The Pertinacious Papist (Catholic & Calvinist?) and Sacramentum Vitae (The case of Br. Roger) respectively. (Both blogs also found on my aggregator!)

While I read, respect, and look forward to all three bloggers work and don’t toil under any illusion that my posts at The Black Cordelias are in the same league… (It is a cheeky little blog that is best described as a “Potpourri of Popery”)…  Well it occurs to me that the question to be asked is “How accurate is the little article that started this whole series of posts?”  For my part, I think the answer is “Not very!”

In another forum a reader astutely pointed out an article from a newspaper called The Remnant, which is hardly favorable to the Taizé community or Br. Roger Schutz. Either way, the author of the article had taken the time to research and to confirm that Br. Roger had indeed become a Catholic, criticizing only the way he went about it (emphasis mine):

… This “passage”, this conversion, took place in 1972, in the chapel of the Bishop of Autun, the diocese where Taizé is located. There was a profession of the Catholic Faith then Communion was given by Mgr. Le Bourgeois. Read the rest of this entry »

Bishop: English Church has Lost its Way

August 28, 2008

Soon to retire Bishop of Lancaster Patrick O’Donoghue issues landmark document on the English Church, the Catholic Herald reported today.

The Church in England and Wales is losing its Catholic identity, a senior bishop said this week.

Bishop Patrick O’Donoghue of Lancaster made the claim in a 92-page document highly critical of the direction of the Church in the past 40 years The document, described by several parish priests as “dynamite”, addresses declining vocations, falling Mass attendance and the future of the Church. Read the rest of this entry »

Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) Welcomes Muslim Student – Guess Who Is Sponsoring?

August 28, 2008

Remember, way back when (a few decades ago) when seminaries and divinity schools across the Christian world trained priests, pastors and preachers to go forth with the Gospel to all nations and make disciples of Jesus Christ? (Christians!)

Apparently these days, just talking to everyone is where some feel most comfortable stopping.  Not who is sponsoring the initiative.

From here:

Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) welcomed its first Muslim exchange student, Salih Sayilgan, on August 20 as part of its continuing effort to encourage deeper cross-cultural conversations within the VTS community and equip students to envision new and creative ways to undertake ministry in the world.

Sayilgan’s arrival marks a new relationship between the Seminary and the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture (IFSC), a Muslim organization committed to dialogue and constructive relationships with Christians. Sayilgan, who has been a volunteer at the IFSC for the past five years, is currently working toward a master’s degree in the Sociology of Religion at the University of Sakarya, Turkey. His time at the Seminary will also build on the interreligious studies within the Washington Theological Consortium and on the work of the Rev. Dr. Rich Jones, professor of Mission and World Religions at VTS, who has taught about Islam for the past 20 years. Sayilgan’s time at VTS is being coordinated by the Seminary’s Center for Anglican Communion Studies. Read the rest of this entry »

August 28: Blessed Juan Bautista Faubel Cano

August 28, 2008

Blessed Juan Bautista Faubel Cano
1889 – 1936 Read the rest of this entry »

“One Day There Will Be A Caliphate In Europe!”

August 27, 2008

5 bob to: Jihad Watch

Pray for the conversion of those trapped in the error of Islamism.

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