Martin Luther On the Immaculate Conception of Mary

June 30, 2009

Q. What is the Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception?
A. It is the Dogma of the Catholic Church that Mary was conceived without sin and remained sinless throughout her whole life.

The Catholic Church has always believed that Mary, just like Adam and Eve, was conceived without a fallen nature and unlike our first parents, she resisted temptation to sin by the grace of God, throughout her whole life.

Interestingly, Martin Luther, founder of the Protestant Reformation believed in Mary’s Immaculate Conception.

Luther’s words follow:

It is a sweet and pious belief that the infusion of Mary’s soul was effected without original sin; so that in the very infusion of her soul she was also purified from original sin and adorned with God’s gifts, receiving a pure soul infused by God; thus from the first moment she began to live she was free from all sin.

(Sermon: “On the Day of the Conception of the Mother of God,” December [?] 1527; from Hartmann Grisar, S.J., from the German Werke, Erlangen, 1826-1868, edited by J.G. Plochmann and J.A. Irmischer,

She is full of grace, proclaimed to be entirely without sin- something exceedingly great. For God’s grace fills her with everything good and makes her devoid of all evil.

-Personal {“Little”} Prayer Book, 1522

[She is the] highest woman and the noblest gem in Christianity after Christ . . . She is nobility, wisdom, and holiness personified. We can never honor her enough. Still honor and praise must be given to her in such a way as to injure neither Christ nor the Scriptures. (Sermon, Christmas, 1531)

No woman is like you. You are more than Eve or Sarah, blessed above all nobility, wisdom, and sanctity. (Sermon, Feast of the Visitation, 1537)

One should honor Mary as she herself wished and as she expressed it in the Magnificat. She praised God for his deeds. How then can we praise her? The true honor of Mary is the honor of God, the praise of God’s grace . . . Mary is nothing for the sake of herself, but for the sake of Christ . . . Mary does not wish that we come to her, but through her to God. (Explanation of the Magnificat, 1521)

Speaking of Priests

June 30, 2009

Priests_dxc__jw1972860The Priests

For all music lovers out there.

Presenting Bishop Lee Piché!

June 30, 2009

scan0001Bishop Lee Piché

It’s official. The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis has an auxiliary Bishop as of this afternoon. I was baptized in his childhood parish.

Calvary turned

Who was Buried in the Apostle Paul’s Tomb?

June 29, 2009

ap-Apostle-Paul-tomb-Rome-195eng29jun09Tomb believed to be the Apostle Paul’s

The Vatican announced, at the close of the Pauline year, that analysis on bones buried in what is believed to be the tomb of the Apostle Paul, indicates the bones are from the proper time period.

You’ve got to love Catholicism; the Vatican finds all kinds of things located where tradition has put them.

Oldest St. PaulOldest portrait of St. Paul

In addition, the Vatican announced the finding of a 4th century portrait of St. Paul, which is the oldest known image of the saint.

Grace from God in this Pauline year.

The National Shrine of the Apostle Paul

June 29, 2009


cathedral exterior_summer_evening.previewAt the end of this Pauline year, now that the Cathedral of St. Paul has been designated as the first National Shrine of the Apostle Paul, keep it in mind for roadtrips. Even if it means dashing a few miles down 94. Following you will find the press release, as well as additional information.

Saint Paul, MN, June 16, 2009 – The Vatican has designated the Cathedral of Saint Paul to be the first national shrine in honor of the Apostle Paul. This special distinction was granted by the Office of the Holy See and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, following a request by The Most Rev. John C. Nienstedt, Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

This will be the first national shrine in the State of Minnesota and the only national shrine in North America dedicated to honor Saint Paul.

According to canon (church) law, “The term shrine signifies a church or other sacred place to which the faithful make pilgrimages for a particular pious reason with the approval of the local ordinary (bishop).” Read the rest of this entry »

Reasons To Be Catholic

June 28, 2009

Why am I Catholic?

Rev’s Siebenaler Celebrate 50th Anniversary of their Ordinations

June 28, 2009

Rev. Leonard SiebenalerRev. Martin Siebenaler

Father Leonard Siebenaler and his brother, Father Martin Siebenaler

Between them, the Revs. Martin and Leonard Siebenaler have spent a century in priesthood. Ordained as part of St. Paul Seminary’s Class of 1959, they celebrated their 50th anniversary of ordination today.

Source: StarTribune

Father Thomas M. King, RIP

June 28, 2009

Father Thomas M. KingFather Thomas Mulvihill King

May 9, 1929, Pittsburgh-June 23, 2009, Washington, D.C.

By Rebekah Davis

Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thomas M. King, 80, a Jesuit priest and Georgetown University theology professor who blessed the film crew and sets for the 1973 movie “The Exorcist,” died June 23 at his home in Washington after an apparent heart attack. Read the rest of this entry »

New Auxiliary Bishop for the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

June 28, 2009

lee_picheWe will soon have a new Auxiliary Bishop in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis!

Since June of 2008, Father Piché has been the Moderator of the Curia and Vicar General for the Most Reverend John C. Nienstedt, Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. The ordination is being planned for June 29, the Feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul, at the Saint Paul Cathedral.

“I am honored and humbled by the Holy Father’s confidence in me,” Piché said of his appointment. “This is a great Archdiocese, with many blessed and talented individuals, parishes, and institutions, and with some significant challenges, too. I am grateful to God for calling me to serve in this way. Since receiving this news, I have been praying that God will strengthen me to be faithful in the ministry of bishop.”

“It will be a privilege for me to offer another kind of assistance to Archbishop Nienstedt, whom I have come to admire and respect greatly during my time as Vicar General. He works hard and communicates well, often, and clearly. You always know where you stand with him. He will be a good mentor for me,” Piché stated.

And just so you know? His role isn’t limited to that of “confirmation machine” according to Fr. Erickson from the Office of Worship. Which is good because if that were the case, he wouldn’t have much to do in the off-season, would he?

Source: Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis

Why Homosexuals Shouldn’t Adopt

June 27, 2009

Update: Due to the nasty nature of some comments, I have disabled comments on this post.

I’m not able to find the initial story I had read about this person; it indicated that he lives with his male partner and was only able to molest the child when the partner was away on business. Thus the heading.


A Duke University official has been charged in federal court with offering his 5-year-old adopted son up for sex. Frank Lombard, associate director at the university’s Global Health Institute, was arrested Wednesday in Raleigh, the FBI said.

PHOTO: Frank Lombard offered his young son up for sex

In an undated photo provided by the Durham County Sheriff’s Office, Frank Lombard is shown. The Duke… Expand

(Durham County Sheriff’s Office/AP Photo)

An unidentified informant who already faces child porn charges in a different child sex case pointed investigators to Lombard, according to court documents. The informant told investigators he had met Lombard on the Internet four years ago. The informant described in graphic detail how he allegedly observed Lombard molesting an African-American child on four occasions over an Internet video chat service called ICUii.

The informant said, according to court papers, that Lombard, who is white, said that he lived in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina and that the child was one of two adopted African-Americans in his custody.

Lombard has been charged with attempting to induce someone to cross state lines to engage in sex with a child, punishable by a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

Lombard allegedly used the adult Internet service to conduct his video chats. According to an affidavit in support of the arrest warrant, the Internet service indicated that Lombard’s profile “stated he was interested in “perv fam fun,” a reference to “incestuous child molestation.” The service also told investigators that a customer service complaint had been sent to the company in January 2007. A customer who had chatted with Lombard complained to the company that Lombard said he was “into incest” and had adopted two African-American children, court records said.


A Washington, D.C., police detective who was investigating the case set up undercover chats with someone matching Lombard’s description during which the detective says he was invited to fly to Raleigh to have sex with the person’s 5- year-old adopted child. In his affidavit, Det. Timothy Palchak wrote that he engaged in a chat with someone using the screen name “FL” who provided nude pictures of himself. The pictures matched Lombard’s North Carolina driver’s license photo, according to the affidavit.

During the chats, according to the affidavit, “FL” told undercover investigators that he had himself molested his child, whom he adopted as an infant, and that he had allowed others to molest his child. “FL” stated that “the abuse of the child was easier when the child was too young to talk or know what was happening, but that he had drugged the child with Benadryl during the molestation,” Palchak wrote in his affidavit.

Two children were taken from Lombard’s home and put into protective custody by the North Carolina Department of Social Services, an FBI statement said.

Michael Schoenfeld, a Duke University spokesman, told ABC News that Lombard has been placed on unpaid leave and that the university is cooperating fully with the investigation. Lombard has been employed by Duke since 1999, Schoenfeld said.


Appearing today in federal court in Durham, Lombard agreed to be transferred to Washington for a later court hearing. His lawyer did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Source: ABC News

Father Timothy Vakoc, He Gave His Life in Service for the Lord

June 27, 2009

Fr VakocFather Timothy Vakoc

Jan. 8, 1960-June 20, 2009, New Hope, MN

Father Vakoc was seriously injured on June 10, 2004, the 12th anniversary of his ordination, when a roadside bomb exploded near his Humvee. He underwent much rehabilitation a the VA Hospitals and was improving at the time of his death. He was buried today.

He truly gave his life in service of the Lord. Pray for the repose of his soul.

Source: Catholic Spirit

Deep In History Conference 2009, Columbus, OH – Mark Your Calendars!

June 27, 2009

Deep In History Conference 2009, Columbus, OH – Mark Your Calendars!

Since the Deep in History Conferences began we have journeyed together from the time of the Early Fathers to the beginning of the Catholic Church here in North America. October 23rd

2009 marks a new beginning in our journey to the past as the Deep in History Conference turns to the theme of the History of Catholic Doctrine.

Once again the focus of these weekends is to assist both Catholics and non-Catholics in their understanding what it means to be Deep in History, Deep in Scripture and Deep in Christ. In 2009, we will begin on the “rock” looking to understand the question of Authority: The Pillar and Bulwark. Read the rest of this entry »

Guns and Church

June 27, 2009

gun-storeAt an Assembly of God church, in Kentucky, the Pastor is urging his parishioners to bring their guns to church.

While I believe that the Second Amendment is important, I’m not so sure that I want to mix it up with my Freedom of Religion.  Worshipping God while armed and dangerous seems a bit odd to me; I have a Crucifix on me, as well as a medal of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Isn’t that enough? Okay, I admit it, there’s usually a Rosary around, too. And since I don’t know it completely, I carry the directions.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t object if a Priest was willing to bless guns at the beginning of hunting season.

Immaculate Conception

June 26, 2009

Q. Does the Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception refer to Jesus or Mary?

A. This doctrine refers to Mary. She was concieved in the normal way by her parents.
It was immaculate because Mary was conceived without the stain of original sin passed on to the human race from Adam and Eve. Just as God created Adam and Eve without the stain of original sin He caused Mary to be conceived without sin just like them. But unlike our first parents, Mary, with the grace of God, resisted the temptation to sin and remained sinless throughout her life.

Q. Then why does Mary refer to “God my savior”(Lk. 1:47)? If she never sinned she wouldn’t need a savior. Mary doesn’t seem to know she is sinless.

A. Mary called God her savior for the simple reason that she did need a savior to save her from the stain of original sin. God saved Mary at her conception, before she ever sinned. Just like a person can be saved from quicksand after falling in or saved from the quicksand before stepping into it.

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In the Year for Priests

June 26, 2009

St. Paul the Apostle vatican

Have you thanked a priest lately?

I try to thank the priest after Mass; how he interprets it is up to him. I could be thanking him for celebrating that particular Mass, for his homily, for his engaging personality, for the sacraments…the list is endless.

President Obama to meet with Pope Benedict XVI

June 25, 2009

popePresident Obama will meet with Pope Benedict XVI next month to “discuss a range of issues, including their shared belief in the dignity of all people,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Wednesday.

Obama will meet with the pope while he is in Italy for the annual G8 summit, which takes place in L’Aquila July 8-10.

Among the likely topics of discussion between Obama and the pope will be the president’s support for abortion rights and embryonic stem cell research, which puts him at odds with the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings.

Source: Fox News

Let’s hope that the White House Protocol Office informs the President and First Lady of how to dress and behave with the pope.

And Michelle? Cover yourself. Nothing wrong with bare arms and showing your knees, just not in front of Pope Benedict.

Servant of God, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

June 25, 2009

Archbishop Fulton SheenServant of God, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Today isn’t an important date in the life, death or Cause for Canonization of Fulton J. Sheen; he’s topical only because I found a copy of one of his books at a thrift store so am reading Life is Worth Living, a book published in the 50’s from transcripts of his show one season. I haven’t even finished it yet, but am impressed with the relevance of his topics in today’s political climate. He talks about various things, such as Communism and the Constitution and while he’s talking about the USSR, so much of it resonates with current events in the US.

He invokes Article 2 of the Constitution, in which we find the establishment clause, namely, our First Amendment rights; Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Many of these rights are currently under fire.

“Trinity” is not in the Bible.

June 24, 2009

Q. I cannot find the word Trinity in the Bible.
A. That is because the word “Trinity” is not found in the Bible. The Doctrine of the Trinity was formulated in order to explain and synthesize diverse scriptures. To be brief, for instance in the very first book of the Bible:

Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, …

After the revelations of Jesus in the NT we see this verse as signifying the Blessed Trinity. But it was a very subtle hint.

John 8:58 Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was born, I am.”

Jesus claims preexistence and claims for himself THE NAME OF GOD given to Moses in

Ex.3: 13 Then Moses said to God, “Behold, I am going to the sons of Israel, and I will say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you.’ Now they may say to me, ‘What is His name?’ What shall I say to them?” 14God said to Moses, “I AM WHO AM“; and He said, “Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.'”

Matthew 11:27 “All things have been committed to me by my Father. No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.

Jesus claims to be the Son of God. A son is of the same exact nature as the father therefore Jesus is divine, the second person of the Blessed Trinity and in Matthew.

Matthew 28:19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,

Again we have here an allusion to Trinity-One God in Three persons—because “name” is singular followed by three names.

How Can God Die?

June 22, 2009

Q. If you believe that Jesus is God then how can God die?

A. The Trinity, the Godhead did not die. But Jesus was God the Son, the second person of the Trinity. Jesus assumed a human nature from the flesh of Mary and became incarnate. Now Jesus was not only divine He was also human. He was God/Man. He had two natures and two wills. The God/Man, Jesus was killed on the cross but the divine nature of Jesus resurrected the human nature of Jesus after three days in the tomb.

Our souls cannot die either, only our bodies die.

Q. Jesus looks like a human being, why did he die for sins?

A. The consequence of sin is death. The sin of Adam and Eve was a sin against an infinite God and therefore it was an infinite sin. This sin could only be atoned for by a man because it was a man that sinned. But it also needed to be atoned for by an infinite being because the sin was infinite.

For instance, it is wrong to slap my brother but it is exponentially more wrong to slap my father. The action is the same in both cases but the sin’s gravity increases greatly when it is against my father versus against my brother.

No mere man, even though sinless could ever atone for an infinite sin because man is finite. So, to restore mankind to the possibility of friendship with God, God the Son assumed a human nature and atoned with his human body and His infinite divinity for the infinite sin of Adam and Eve.

Q. What I believe is: Jesus is just a messenger like Ibrahim, Moses,etc from God, for us and those before us to show us the right path.

A. Then Jesus lied when He said, “Before Abraham was born, I Am”? (John 8:58) Taking the Divine Name.

And, Jesus must have thought he was God because He also allowed Thomas to worship Him. (John 20:28) So, He must have been crazy.

If Jesus was not God then He was either a liar or a lunatic as C.S. Lewis has said.

But let’s not come with any patronizing nonsense about his being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to.”

Mere Christianity Book II Ch. 3

Q. God is the creator of the whole universe everything that we see and we don’t see is created by Him.

A. I agree.

Q. He doesn’t look like His creations. He doesn’t resemble anything you see. there is nothing like Him. He is unique. The only one The eternal.

A. I agree as long as we are talking about God before the Incarnation second person of the Trinity.

But I must ask you, could God assume a human nature so that He would be fully God the Son and at the same time fully human as well? Two natures, divine and human joined hypostatically? Could God the omnipotent do that if He wanted to?

Do you believe in the Trinity? If not, some of the problem with understanding the Christian Faith lies there.

Special Event at Lourdes on June 23 3:35pm Eastern time, 2:35 pm Central, 12:35 Pacific

June 21, 2009


On the Vigil of St. John the Baptist, in addition to the typical Lourdes Rosary Procession, Rabbi Alon Goshen-Goldstein will be on hand to sing a simple non-ideological prayer for peace, as he did with the Holy Father in the Holy Land.

For more information, see Blogging Lourdes.

To view the webcast, click here.

Is Having Multiple Wives OK?

June 20, 2009

Q. Is it adultery for a man to have more that one wife?

A. I would have to say if someone has multiple wives as we find with the patriarchs in the Old Testament, it would not be adultery as long as they were married. This was permitted by God in the Old Covenant as a concession to ancient pagan practices. Long after Adam and Eve, God needed to wean His chosen people away from paganism.

Since God gave Adam only one wife we are convinced God desires that ideally marriage be between one man and one woman.

Also, in the New Covenant we find that anyone who desired to be a leader in the Church of Christ, bishops, priests, elders, deacons could only be the husband of one wife.

I Timothy 3:2 Now the bishop must be above reproach, the husband of but one wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach,

1 Timothy 3:12 A deacon must be the husband of but one wife and must manage his children and his household well.

This would exclude men who had divorced and remarried as well as men with more than one wife from legitimate leadership roles in the Church of Jesus Christ.

Mr. and Mrs. Cutie-Pie

June 20, 2009

The Cutie PiesMr and Mrs. Cutie-Pie

They did it! The former Fr. Cutie-Pie and his beach babe tied the knot in front of a judge, continuing in their poor judgment.

If there was any question in Mr. Cutie Pie’s mind of whether he wanted to continue as a priest, he should’ve gone through proper channels and say, spoken with his Bishop about his disinterest in a celibate life, interest in leaving the true Church to join our separated brethren, and/or his interest in a particular woman. But he didn’t, instead, choosing to bring scandal upon himself and upon the church in the way he left. It shows that he thinks he is the ultimate authority and that his promise to obey the Bishop’s authority was empty.

If his promises to God and his Bishop meant nothing, what chance does he have as an Episcopal “priest”? Or as a husband? He has already proven that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about protocol and going through the proper channels but is only in favor of doing that which benefits him, especially if he gets lots of attention.

Will he be true to his new church? Will he make it through whatever hoops he has to jump in order to become an Episcopal “priest”? Will he be faithful to his wife?

The Episcopalians knew he was self-focused and narcissistic when they took him. If he becomes a behavior problem for them, it will be no huge surprise.  Fidelity to his wife is important, but again, since it’s common knowledge that Latin Catholic priests are celibate, it shouldn’t be a huge surprise if he isn’t faithful. After all, he has already been unfaithful to the Church.

It’ll be interesting to see why he’s in the news next.

Trinity Questions

June 18, 2009

BFHU: God never married a human person.

Q. If God never married, how did he get a son?

A. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit existed from all eternity as Spirit. God the Son, co-equal and co-eternal and of the exact same divine nature as the Father and Holy Spirit, joined Himself, in time,≈2007 years ago, to a fully human nature. The God/Man Jesus was born of Mary fully God and fully man joined in the hypostatic union. He had two natures, human and divine, and two wills in ONE Person, Jesus Christ is God the Son.

We speak poetically of the Holy Spirit being the spouse of Mary but in a spiritual miraculous way only. Not in a physical, earthly way. Because Jesus was fully man, He took flesh from Mary and joined it to His divine, pre-existent divine nature.

We say in the creed that, that we believe in Christ the son of God…begotten not made… not to express birth order in time, because God is OUTSIDE of time. He resides in Eternity. The Trinity is co-existent, neither existed before the other.

When we talk about Jesus being a son and begotten it is an attempt to express that Jesus is OF THE SAME NATURE AS THE FATHER. When we make something or create something it is of a different nature than we are. Our creations are NOT human. But when we beget, we beget a being like us in nature–human.

Q. Is there another way to have a son other than marrying !!?

A. For humans we cannot have a child without sexual intercourse. In our immoral society this occurs without the benefit of marriage in too many instances. Mary the Mother of God was the only exception. She conceived by the power of God. So the answer to your question is “YES”. With God all things are possible–Mt 19:26

Q. What about Mary, isn’t she the mother of Jesus ?

A. Yes

Q. You believe that Mary is the mother of jesus and that Jesus is the son of God, and that God never married, however; he has a son. my question is how could this happen ?

A. In Catholic Theology Mary is the mother of Jesus and Jesus IS God so Mary is the Mother of God. However, she did not pre-exist nor did she create God the eternal Son.

How did this happen? Well, God has the power to create all things in the whole universe out of nothing so it was easy for him to create a fertilized egg in Mary’s womb and then Jesus united Himself to this human being.

Q. Why there are many contradictions about Jesus. Many Christians say that Jesus was fully God and fully man at the same time.

A. That Jesus was fully God and Full man at the same time is accurate, authentic Christian theology.

Q. Did Jesus have a human soul?

A. Yes

Q. If so then he was a complete human being with the Spirit of God dwelling in him.
But the spirit of God in a human does not make the human into God. Notice that Barnabas was also full of the Holy Spirit (Acts 11:24).

A. Jesus was fully human and fully divine at the same time. But it is an error to believe that the Spirit of God dwelled in Him.
No. HE WAS GOD. The spirit of God indwelling a human person does not make a human into God. You are exactly right about that.

When we talk about Jesus we are not talking about a human being who was conceived and born and then at some point was indwelt with the Spirit of God. Not at all. What we are talking about is the Triune Godhead, uncreated, eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, etc.

Q. If we put three cakes together to make a bigger cake then we end up with a bigger cake. So when we put the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost together do we not get a bigger God than any of the individual three?

A. No. There are several analogies to try to express this but they all break down but can be helpful at grasping the Mystery of the Trinity a little bit more. Here is one:

Water- The nature of water is H2O-but it can be liquid, steam, and ice. Three yet one.

Q. Others believe that Jesus is the son of God, another group believe that God, Jesus, and the Holy spirit are one, though this calculation 1+1+1 =3 is logically and mathematically wrong.

A. No, 1+1+1= 3 is correct when we speak of the three persons of the Trinity. This God is three persons, but one God and yet each person is God. So, then when we speak of the Nature of God that all share, the mathematical equation is 1 x 1 x 1=1. This is a great mystery revealed to us by Jesus Christ. Like I said elsewhere, if we could fully understand the God of the Universe we would always suspect that we made Him up. As C.S. Lewis said,

“If Christianity was something we were making up, of course we could make it easier. But it is not. We cannot compete in simplicity, with people who are inventing religions. We are dealing with fact. Of course anyone can be simple if he has no facts to bother about.”

Q. Sorry for these questions, but I am trying to reach the truth, I have a lot of questions that I don’t know the answer, this is why I am here, writing this message at 04:52 in the morning!!!

I would like you to be patient and convincing in dealing with my answers!

A. I have attempted to explain as best I can a mystery. But you will not be able to believe the truth unless God gives you the gift of Faith. If you wish to find the truth please pray,

“Come Holy Spirit, and fill the heart of your child, and kindle in me the fire of Your Divine Love. Send forth Your Spirit. Oh God, Who by the light of the Holy Spirit instructed the hearts of the faithful, Grant, that by the same Spirit I may be truly wise and ever rejoice in His consolation. I ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.”

Celibacy Questions

June 16, 2009

<img src=”; />
Q. Is there any indication in the Bible that says it’s better for Christ not to get married?
A. No. But it would not be fitting for God the Son to marry a human creature.
Q.Is marriage an obstacle that prevents us from worshiping or serving God as it should be?
A. No
Q. Why was Peter who is considered a high figure in Christianity married!!!?
A. Jesus called Peter and Peter had been married. But his wife seems to have died since we never hear of her.
Q. And no one can say that Peter’s marriage prevents him from being a good servant of God.
A. True
Q. If the real Christ(ian) is the one who serves and devotes all his life to worship God, and all Christians are supposed to do this, and since marriage in a way or another is an obstacle, so what would happen if all people wants to be real Christians (servants of God who devote their whole lives to God) I think that life will stop and we all will die, and hence will be no one to serve God?
A. The Catholic Church does not teach that the unmarried are the only ones who can fully serve God. Marriage is NOT an obstacle to serving God.
We have two possible vocations. Celibacy or marriage.If everyone chose celibacy in the same generation it would not end life at all. It would end reproduction and eventually all humans would be dead. This is not a problem but IF it happened it would be the end of this era and the final judgement would be at hand. But many will always be serving God in Eternity. So it is not the end of people serving God.
Q. Don’t you think that a real servant is the one who can meet his God’s recommendations and orders?
A. Yes.
Q.Does being a good servant always mean harming yourself and preventing yourself from life’s joy?
A. Not at all. It is wrong to harm outselves.
Q. Isn’t it good to marry and have children, so that you can teach them good things that God likes?
A. Yes.
Q. IF God’s servants don’t marry, who will marry then, bad people?
A. If all of God’s servants did not marry then only the ungodly would marry. But marriage is a beautiful vocation dignified by Jesus at the wedding at Cana.
I have tried to answer all of your questions but they all seem to be based on erroneous assumptions about what the Catholic Church teaches. If you have more questions check in the Catechism ( to see if the Church even teaches what you might have been told or think about the Catholic Church.

Q.<font face=”arial,helvetica”><font color=”#000000″ face=”Times New Roman” size=”3″> My question is, was it fitting for God the creator of this whole universe to marry a human being? </font></font>

<font face=”arial,helvetica”><font color=”#0000ff” face=”Comic Sans MS” size=”3″>A. God never married a human being. What makes you think He did?</font></font>

For more on why Catholic Priests are usually celibate see—&gt;<a href=”; target=”_blank”>HERE </a>

Just in Case?

June 14, 2009

<strong>The Baby in the Box</strong>

Christian Murdered for Drinking Tea from a Muslim Cup

June 14, 2009 > All News > News Item

Christian Murdered for Drinking Tea from a Muslim Cup
June 12, 2009, 05:12:53 PM


Christian Murdered for Drinking Tea from a Muslim Cup

By Jawad Mazhar and Jeremy Sewall
06/12/09 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – Radical Muslims running a tea stall beat a Christian man to death for using a cup designated for Muslims on May 9. The young man, Ishtiaq Masih, had ordered tea at a roadside stall in Machharkay village, Punjab, Pakistan, after his bus stopped to allow passengers to relieve themselves.

When Ishtiaq went to pay for his tea, the owner noticed that he was wearing a necklace with a cross and grabbed him, calling for his employees to bring anything available to beat him for violating a sign posted on the stall warning non-Muslims to declare their religion before being served. Ishtiaq had not noticed the warning sign before ordering his tea, as he ordered with a group of his fellow passengers.

The owner and 14 of his employees beat Ishtiaq with stones, iron rods and clubs, and stabbed him multiple times with kitchen knives as Ishtiaq pleaded for mercy.

The other bus passengers and other passers-by finally intervened and took Ishtiaq to the Rural Health Center in the village. There Ishtiaq died as a result of spinal, head, and chest injuries. The doctor who took Ishtiaq’s case told ICC that Ishtiaq had excessive internal and external bleeding, a fractured skull, and brain injuries.

Makah Tea Stall is located on the Sukheki-Lahore highway and is owned by Mubarak Ali, a 42-year-old radical Muslim. ICC’s correspondent visited the tea stall and observed that a large red warning sign with a death’s head symbol was posted which read, “All non-Muslims should introduce their faith prior to ordering tea. This tea stall serves Muslims only.” The warning also threatened anyone who violated the rule with “dire consequences.”

A neighboring shopkeeper told ICC on condition of anonymity that Ali is a fundamentalist Muslim and all his employees are former students of radical Muslim madrassas (seminaries). Ali kept separate sets of cooking-ware for Muslims and non-Muslims at his stall.

Ishtiaq’s family said that they immediately reported the incident to the police and filed a case against Ali. Though the police registered their case, no action has been taken to apprehend Ali or his employees.

When ICC asked the Pindi Bhatian Saddar police station about the murder, the police chief said that investigations were underway and they are treating it as a faith-based murder by biased Muslims. When asked about Ali’s warning sign, police chief Muhammad Iftikhar Bajwa claimed that he could not take it down.

However, the constitution of Pakistan explicitly prohibits such discrimination, and the police could take strong action against the warning sign. But because the police are also Muslim, Ishtiaq’s father claims that they are being derelict in their duties to prosecute the murderers who are still freely operating the tea stall.

Would you call the Pakistani embassy in your country to protest this heinous crime?

Pakistan Embassies:

USA: (202) 243-6500,
Canada: (613) 238-7881,
UK: 0870-005-6967,

Youth in California–>Orthodox Catholic!

June 12, 2009

Let me give you a glimpse of what is  going on in the Catholic Church under the media radar.

I take the youth from our Catholic Church to a summer conference for youth that teaches in union with all that the Catholic Faith teaches. During exposition of the Blessed Sacrament I saw 5000 teens drop to their knees in adoration, without being told to do so. Reading these lines still gives me goose bumps!

The next day, the diocesan Vocations Director and Bishop asked for all the young men to stand up who had ever even considered the priesthood. They stood up. I saw several stand around me. Then they asked for them to come down to the stage area. Down they went. THERE WAS NO EMOTIONAL APPEAL. The request was as simple as I have stated.

I saw boys from our group stand up and head down the aisle. As I watched the aisle near me, to my surprise, they kept coming and coming. I then looked around the rest of the stadium. Every aisle was filled with young men! …hundreds of them! I could not believe my eyes! As soon as everyone began to realize the enormity of the response, the whole stadium full of teens jumped to their feet and clapped and cheered as loudly and longer than any cheer for a touchdown! The area in front of the stage was packed with these young men. The bishop blessed and prayed for them.

It moved me to tears. The vocations crisis is over I thought to myself. Now, I know perfectly well that all of those young men will not end up entering the priesthood. But, hundreds are taking their faith seriously and considering it. And they were confirmed and wildly applauded by… THEIR PEERS!!!
This scene was repeated for the girls who were open to the religious life…exactly… aisles filled and streaming down to the stage, standing ovation, and prolonged cheering.
This occurred in just one conference in Southern California, of all places. These conferences are put on all summer all over the country. Can you imagine? If this is the response of faithful teens in Southern California, where the Catholic Faith has been systematically disfigured by many in authority, what is going on in more faithful dioceses all over the world???!!!

In fact, one of the girls at this event is now 21. She graduated from college at 18 and is going to Peru this summer to see if she has a vocation to the Missionary Servants of the Poor of the Third World and then she is going to China in the Fall for a year!

And, there are 5 boys in my parish seriously considering the priesthood. Yes, this is in So. California. The youth are embracing the ancient, orthodox truths and liturgy of the Catholic Church and rebelling against the old fashioned, silly, watered down, new age, liberal, rebellions against the Pope.

June 11, 2009

The Stoning of Soraya M movie trailer


June 10, 2009

Scientology: Inside the Cult

Mary Worship

June 8, 2009

Q. I know the Catholic church does not worship Mary or the Saints, but what about the “Catholics” that do?

A. If they are untaught and ignorant of their sin we commend them to the mercy and justice of God; just like everyone else.

Q. There are many “Catholics” in South America who actually DO worship Mary and Saints and blend ancient pagan festivals with Catholic Christian festivals. Does the Catholic church try and teach these “Catholics” the truth about God and Christ’s death on the cross?

A. Absolutely. Sometimes the Church “baptizes” a pagan feast or practice giving it Christian significance instead of the old pagan symbols.This works better than making the new Christians go cold turkey in order to give up comforting and familiar traditions.

So the blending is often done by the Church. How well this is done…how wisely it is done…takes some time. With good catechesis one generation should eradicate the pagan ideas.

But we have an Enemy working against us and sinful human nature as well.But paganism is not to be accepted by any orthodox Catholic. But today we have many in open rebellion and dissent from Christ and His Church.

Faith & Evolution

June 6, 2009

Q. Do you believe in Noah’s flood?

A. Well, yes. Most if not all primitive civilizations have some sort of flood story. That is historical evidence for the biblical flood, that, despite the differences and distortions they could all be based on a real flood event.

Q. Then you must reject pretty much the entirety of scientific knowledge and instead believe in an old story written by primitive humans and for which there is no evidence.

A. No, I love science but it has its limitations. It cannot scientifically prove Evolution and neither can it falsify a Creator. This is outside the scope of science since creation/evolution is not testable/repeatable. Evolution is based on historical evidence and can never be proven using the scientific method. You seem to have a very low opinion of ancient man as if he was too stupid to report on a great flood. I happen to have a higher view of ancient man and his intelligence.

Q. So you are saying that because of the magnificence of the universe, there must be a god? I don’t buy that argument at all. While it is true that the universe, the Earth, and life are magnificent, they most definitely don’t show much intelligence

A. Based on your last comment I wonder how much science knowledge you have of living organisms versus just being convinced of the story of evolution. The intelligence I am talking about is the evidence that an intelligent being organized the universe & all that is in it. The workings of a “simple” cell is so complex that the probability that it just happened without an intelligent creator is nil. Let alone an eye or the structure of the avian lung and feathers. Did you know that billions of years ago the sun would have been touching the earth?

Q. And they were certainly not created for us. The universe is mind-bogglingly huge, beyond human comprehension, and a very deadly place; how could it have been created for us?

A. Well of course we believe that the deadliness is a result of the Fall of Man. But originally it was all good. Even all 80,000 species of beetles and insects.

Q. Genetics show the common link that joins all life forms on earth to the first primordial cells.

A. Actually, genetics and DNA show NO sign of Evolution from one species into another. I would like to recommend, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis. It is written by an atheist.

Q. You say that the arguments of evolution are no longer convincing, and then you admit to not being a scientist. I can tell you that evolution is well beyond controversy (other than in religious circles), so you should go study it before you deny it. It is in fact one of the most well supported, tested, documented theory in all of science.

A. It is unprovable by scientific methods because it is UNTESTABLE. It is only a Theory. And unlike other theories men who do not believe in God or do not want there to be a God he must obey are motivated to view historical evidence with a bias. Most of what people know as the theory of evolution is nothing but a story made up by scientists. and it completely contradicts a SCIENTIFIC LAW of the UNIVERSE–The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. I prefer to trust my eternal destiny to a scientifically PROVEN Law of the universe than a mere theory. If I am wrong, when I am dead I will just be gone. But if you are wrong then you will live forever but where? Heaven or Hell?

Q. We have the geological record,

A. Did you know that the hypothesized Geological Column is nowhere to be found in all the earth in the correct order?

Q. we have millions of fossils

A. But no real transitions and there should be billions and billions. Even Darwin said that if the transitional forms are not found then his theory would be dead.

Q. we have modern biology, we have genetics showing how all life forms are related

A. And as far a similarities between species–If the Creator came up with something that worked well why not use it over and over. The similarities do not argue for evolution only but also for a single Creator. As I said the DNA has no rhyme or reason related to evolution of species-see Evolution: A Theory in Crisis by Michael Denton

Q. We have actual observations of living species that evolved differently because of their physical isolation, and we have modern species that evolve under our eyes (rats and viruses are perfect examples of natural selection at work).

A. That is NOT Darwinian / macro evolution but micro evolution. And I agree it DOES occur. It has been observed. But changes within species is a far cry from one species changing into another species–like lizards into birds. Micro evolution absolutely DOES NOT PROVE Darwinian Evolution. That would be a leap of faith far greater than belief in the Christian God.

June 6: Blessed Józef Innocenty Guz, Martyr Of Poland

June 6, 2009

Blessed Józef Innocenty Guz, 1890 – 1940 Read the rest of this entry »

June 6: Saint Alessandro di Fiesole

June 6, 2009

Saint Alessandro di Fiesole

Why Does the Catholic Church Think It Knows the Truth?

June 4, 2009

Q And just what gives the church, any church, such exclusivity on the truth? This is non-sense.
A. Well, I guess the fact that Jesus founded our Church and He is God the Son. But if you don’t believe that then of course you would not accept the authority of the Catholic Church.

Q. It’s a fallacious circular argument. You believe in the Church because you believe Jesus is god, and you believe Jesus is god because of the teachings of the church.

And all this is based on various pieces of fiction written by primitive men and cobbled together, adapted, transformed, and translated by other men.

You’re entire faith is based on a myth, but I guess that’s why it’s called a faith.

A. Actually no. If I had nothing but the circular sort of reasoning that you describe I would be an atheist as well. The beauty and order of the universe speaks of a Creator. If I find a tree branch on the ground I know it fell off of a tree. If I find a wooden carved horse on the ground under a tree I know it DID NOT fall off of the tree. I KNOW it has a creator. I have read extensively on the arguments for and against evolution de novo. I became an atheist in college in deference to the Theory of Evolution. The arguments for evolution are no longer convincing. I could cite a few things but I admit I am not a scientist. But before going any further let me ask you a question. Would you follow the Truth no matter where it led?

Q. “If I had nothing but the circular sort of reasoning that you describe I would be an athiest as well.” You are dead wrong there. Reason and logic that leads to atheism is not a circular argument,

A. I think you misunderstood me. I meant that I would not be a Christian if all I had was the shallow circular reasoning that you describe.

Q. Faith is based on blind belief, brainwashing, and suppressing science and free thinking while glorifying belief in what cannot be demonstrated.

A. I am sorry if that was your experience. It has not been mine.

Mary was NOT GOD!

June 2, 2009

Q. That is not biblically true because mary was not “God” in a way but Jesus was,

A. I totally agree.

Q. So, we should not even mention her in the same way as Jesus or God

A. We don’t. Why do you think we do, I wonder?

Q. She was only human,

A. Absolutely, she was a human. There is nothing in Catholic theology that says Mary was anything other than human.

Q. Her only duty was to not even conceive Christ but just be an incubator for him

A. That is interesting that you contend she did not conceive. Where in scripture does it say that? On this, I have to disagree with you. Jesus took his human nature from Mary. So his divine nature was joined to the seed of Mary and He took flesh from her. This is Catholic theology. Mary was NOT just an incubator

Q. So, Jesus was supposed to be born just like any child on earth for us to believe by faith.

A. Well, I would not say that. Angels announced to the shepherds that Jesus was born. The magi came from the East to worship Him. When he was taken to the temple two faithful people rejoiced to see Him and prophesied about Him. He was not exactly born just like any other child on earth…He was born of Mary, but the circumstances of His birth were extra ordinary.

Q. So mary is nothing but just a demonic spirit from hell spread by the catholic church trying to take away God’s glory and making it hers thank you.

A. When you say Mary is a demonic spirit from hell you lose all credibility. We may disagree about some of our Catholic beliefs about Mary but 99% of Protestants would find your comments just as ugly and blasphemous as Catholic do. As Archbishop Fulton Sheen said, “Coldness towards Mary is a consequence of indifference to Christ.”

Q. Lastly give me a verse in the bible that simply says we should not only worship her but also pay her respects.

A. We do NOT worship Mary. You have been taught by people who do not know they have been lied to, that we worship Mary, but we don’t worship her. That would be heresy…to worship Mary. We HONOR Mary in imitation of Christ who obeyed the command to honor His mother.

Q. She does not represent God or Jesus,

A. No, Mary is the Mother of God. She is a creature just like us.
Q. Even Jesus calls her “woman” not Mother or some thing that will simply say to us that she had that significant role in his adult life.

A. Calling her “woman” was a great sign of respect in his culture. Surely you are not suggesting that Jesus broke the command to honor His mother. Remember they were living in a culture 2000 years ago in a land and culture far different than ours. Calling her woman did not mean anything disrespectful but could also mean “bride”. And it was also a reference to the promised redemption from:

Gen. 3:15 And I will put enmity
between you and the woman,
and between your offspring and hers;
he will crush your head,
and you will strike his heel.”

and Rev. 12. Mary is the woman who gave birth to the male child and

Rev 12:17 Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to make war against the rest of her offspring—those who obey God’s commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus.

So, addressing Mary as “woman” in the Gospel hearkens back to Genesis 3 He knows it will also hearken to Revelation 12 in the future. Woman was an honorable title. It was not derogatory or dismissive.