Why is the Catholic Church Against Contraception?

April 30, 2008

Q. Why doesn’t the Catholic Church allow contraception?

A. Because the pleasure of the marital embrace was created by God for babies & bonding. It is a package deal. Anytime the pleasure of the sexual act is obtained while actively or purposely excluding either of these goods, it is a grave sin. The following acts are gravely sinful:

Below are sins that result from the pursuit of sexual pleasure alone while excluding both bonding and openness to procreation:

J.I. Packer Quits Anglican Church of Canada

April 30, 2008

J.I. Packer Quits Anglican Church of Canada

Packer, 81, is one of the most renowned evangelical theologians. He is joining a more orthodox traditional Anglican group – See this story.
Gravatar I am going to have a Mass offered for the intention of his conversion and those has influenced to the Catholic Church. Folks interested in doing the same can do so at the Catholic Near East Welfare Association where for $5 a priest in desperate need will be supported.
Keep going Rev. Packer!

Hermitage Burns To Ground – Help Needed!

April 30, 2008

A major fire is testing the faith of a Catholic monastery near Eureka Springs. Flames destroyed the chapel and dining hall of Little Portion Hermitage just after midnight Tuesday.

Firefighters from four departments were able to keep the intense fire from spreading to the living quarters of its members. They lost their archives, library, and storeroom. Little Portion’s founder is recording artist John Michael Talbot, who says some at the monastery suffered from minor smoke inhalation.

If you’d like to make a donation for recovery and rebuilding, you can do so at Little Portion’s Web site.

Post from BaghdadHope: Mar Bawai Soro

April 30, 2008

H.G. Mar Bawai Soro and H.G. Mar Sarhad Y. Jammo are currently in Rome. On Sunday, April 27th, 2008, there was an ordination of 29 men into the priesthood. Many of our parish were happy to see him at that wonderful event. The following is a blog entry written by a certain blogger named “BaghdadHope”. I have reproduced it here as it is quite informative of recent going-ons with our diocese.

Mar Bawai Soro: place of honour in Saint Peter

Q: How Is Polygamy Different From Re-marriage?

April 30, 2008

Q: How is polygamy different from re-marriage?

A: Polygamy may prove to be more responsible!

It is far more acceptable to leave the woman and the children and leave them without benefit of a father in the home and all the attendant risks of poverty for the woman and her children… (and yes, it is the women who suffer the most, they always do.) Ultimately, leaving the other parent of your children (and the children themselves!) for the new model is the new polygamy.

On the flip side of the coin, when Muslims (a lathe patriarch of the Bin Ladens) tire of their older infertile wives they say in quick succession (in front of a Muslim male witness):

I divorce you
I divorce you
I divorce you

and it is done.  It is common for the divorced woman to then remain in the compound in her little apartment or home and to then be supported by her sons… (Anyone who thinks we don’t have this here needs to come to Ohio and visit the second largest Somali community outside of Somalia – those “sisters & cousins” are not sisters & cousins!

My friends’s husband has reared children from her previous marriages as his own…  But the more normal and accepted pattern would be what my best friend in HS school experienced – his very well paid (6 figure) father divorced mom, managed to get a pittance of child-support obligation, and moved into the new suburb with the new wife in the new home with the step daughter three hours away in another city… Acceptably leaving his children and their mother to scrape by on a teacher’s salary.  But hey, at least that isn’t polygamy! (Right?)

Now had the high school buddy’s father set up the mother of his children in a small home on the property where he could have attended to his fatherly duties and not allowed them to languish in poverty where groceries had to be placed of high interest credit cards and medical care had to be foregone at times when the choice was between paying the gas bill or dental work…

Well, where would that have fit into the grey area of today’s very acceptable proto-polygamy of abandoning one’s spouse and progeny? Very tricky isn’t it?  I mean, vows are vows until “people gotta be people” and women need to prove they are no man’s woman or men need a new woman that Read the rest of this entry »

Catholic Mission Leaflets

April 30, 2008

FROM: http://www.catholicmissionleaflets.org/leafndx.htm


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April 30: Blessed Pauline von Mallinkrodt

April 30, 2008

Blessed Pauline von Mallinkrodt, 1817 – 1881 Read the rest of this entry »