Stuff Catholics Like Telling It Straight On The Brown Scapular or “What Can Brown Do For You?”

4. Do I think if you wear a Brown Scapular and lead a sinful life and are not sorry ever but just run around saying, “Ha ha, I’m wearing a brown Scapular! Satan will never get me!” that you won’t see the fires of hell? Not a chance. Satan already has you. The one time you take it off to shower, you’ll slip on the soap and crack your head open. The bus that knocks you out of your shoes will knock you right out of your scapular. The flood waters that wash you away will wash the scapular off your neck. Your evil boyfriend will remove it while you sleep and murder you for your jewels. The paramedic will take it off to give you a shot of adrenaline that doesn’t work. The nursing home worker will steal it from you. The atomic blast will vaporize the Scapular one millisecond before it vaporizes you. As you tumble, end over end, down the basement stairs with no one home to hear all the thumping, your scapular will be tossed off and land right before your eyes along with you at the foot of the stairs. As the life drains from you as you lay bleeding from your head wound, you will reach pathetically for your scapular, but the cat will grab it and run out the basement window. At some point, you are going to want to throw it in the wash. When you do, you’ll drop dead.

You are not going to get away with it, mark my words. (READ ALL)

Well there you have it!

8 Responses to Stuff Catholics Like Telling It Straight On The Brown Scapular or “What Can Brown Do For You?”

  1. Dr. Eric says:

    There are anecdotes which bear out the fact that the Scapular will fall off or be left behind for those who think they can presume against God’s Justice.

    Ie. there was a man who lived in Mortal Sin who also wore the Scapular. He eventually became very distraught and decided to kill himself. He jumped off a bridge, only to snag his Scapular on a protruding nail on the way down. The Scapular stayed on the nail, he plummeted to his death and probably to his damnation (I pray that he repented on the way down.)

  2. lexestratio says:

    Interesting post. Reminds me of when I worked in a religious goods supply store. People would come in asking for a “Brown Scapular” as if it were an insurance policy. I just can’t get my mind around this concept, as I’ve been under the impression that people generally wore religious items out of sincere piety. Guess I’m utterly naive on that point.

    Isn’t it a bit presumpuous to fortell what will happen to those who wear the “Brown Scapular”? i can’t see why it would be better to view the scapular as a superstitious object rather than a symbol of faith. I doubt that the man _necessarily_ committed suicide because of his irreligious use of the scapular. Perhaps he was mentally ill? Certain circumstances radically change people’s perspectives and their culpability,
    and ultimately we’re not the ones who make the final call. I’d be wary of chalking anyone’s fate up to a very fine distinction such as scapular use.

    • Mary says:

      lexestratio, Saint Mary promised that if we wore the Brown Scapular and obeyed the 6th and 9th commandments, said the little office of the blessed Virgin then we would NOT go to hell. Therefore it is safe to presume that we will not suffer eternal damnation. Also, try looking up the other hundreds of other miracles that this holy object has been known to work. And it also says those who want to die in there sins…”‘You ask, ‘What if I desire to die in my sins?’ I answer, ‘Then you will die in your sins, BUT YOU WILL NOT DIE IN YOUR SCAPULAR.’ ” There was a man who tried to drown himself three times, each time he was saved and pulled out against his will. He soon realized that it was because he was wearing his Brown Scapular. He ripped it off from around his neck and jumped in the river. He died in his sins.

  3. Flow says:

    Do you know if one should still wear the brown scapular while having sex with his wife. May one remove it then?

    • anthony says:

      One has to do sex with the wife -granted his rectitude of intention- in the presence of God because it is a form of renewing the Covenantal love…

  4. happy says:

    “One reader wants to know:
    I am I to understand that as long as I wear the brown scapular (provided it doesn’t fall off), I get to heaven even if I deny the Trinity, the Real Presence and Christ’s Redemption by the Cross?”

    Kind of makes you wonder why one would want to spend eternity with God.
    I mean if you don’t love him on earth why would you want to spend an eternity in His presence!??!

  5. tattoo says:


    […]Stuff Catholics Like Telling It Straight On The Brown Scapular or “What Can Brown Do For You?” « The Black Cordelias[…]…

  6. Jhlia says:

    I was thinking of adding a Scapular to my tattoo sleeve of Jesus, Virgin Mary, The Rosary, The Holy Spirit Dove, My Guardian Angel, The Holy Bible and Verse John 3:16

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