A friend of mine is going through a rough patch.  I will not go into details, except to say that I loved them both, was in their wedding, and had expected to stand godfather to their children.  A serious bomb has been dropped – again, no details, and I hope you can find it in your heart to offer some prayers for my two friends who will go unnamed.  I can’t say much else, they just need your prayers.

3 Responses to Divorce

  1. Kim says:

    With prayer there is hope.

    Without prayer and the grace of God, I would have been divorced 30 yrs. ago.

    My son got as far as custody court and a normally hostile magistrate (inspired by the Holy Spirit no doubt) told them to try and work things out- which they did.
    That was 5 yrs. ago and they are still married…

    I will pray to the Holy Family for your friends.

  2. diane says:

    Wow, I will pray, too. It always feels like a punch in the gut when close friends go through something like this. Of course, it feels far worse for the couple themselves!

    Has this couple considered Retrouvaille? I hear that miracles have been worked through this program.

    Saint Joseph, pray for them!!


  3. Rebecca says:

    It’s a shame how so many marriages these days are crumbling. It seems when people tie the knot they are looking to fulfill their own personal needs rather than understanding that marriage is a lifelong commitment that requires two partners that are willing to work on their relationships. According to an article about the disposable divorce era (http://www.freemychild.com/pdf/fm_disposabledivorce), divorce does not mean that people will be happier and takes a toll on the financial well being of women.

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