The First Commandment & Worship

Q. What constitutes worship?
A. Adoration, prayer and sacrifice.

Q. Is bowing down an act of worship?

A. It can be. But Christian Europeans bowed and knelt before their kings and queens
and it was not considered worship but simply honor and respect. It is what is in the heart that determines the difference between an act of worship and an act of respect. A casual observer cannot tell the difference.

Q. Does the Church permit bowing to images, and kneeling before them to say prayers.


Q. Please, if you can give me Church’s document on this, I will greatly appreciate.

A. There may be others but you can click on the link below to see the Council of Trent document on this issue.

Session 25 of the Council of Trent

The anathema is in the second paragraph.
But this anathema is no longer against those born into Protestantism. I
It is just instructive to know how strongly the Holy Council felt about
any teaching contrary to this canon.

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