Blessed Ludwik Roch Gietyngier

blessed-ludwik-roch-gietyngier-nov-30Blessed Ludwik Roch Gietyngier

Zarka, Poland, 16 August 1904 – Dachau, Germany, 30 November 1941

Blessed Ludwik Gietyngier Roch, a diocesan priest, was born in Zarka, Poland, August 16, 1904 and died in Dachau, Germany, November 30, 1941. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II in Warsaw (Poland) on June 13, 1999 with 107 Polish martyrs.

Roman Martyrology: Close to Monaco of Bavaria in Germany in the prison camp at Dachau, blessed Gientyngier Louis Rocco, a priest and martyr who, during the occupation of Poland in time of war, because of criminal activities perpetrated by the enemies of the faith was subjected to torture and gave up his spirit to God.

Source: Santi e Beati

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