May 18: Blessed Blandine Merten

Blessed Blandine Merten, 1883 – 1918


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  1. Nan says:

    MERTEN, Maria Magdalena (religious name: Blandine), religious women; – * 10.7. 1883 in Düppenweiler, † 18.5. 1883 in Düppenweiler, † 18.5. 1918 in Trier; – M. was the ninth child of a farmer’s family and enjoyed after attending the elementary school in 1898 from private lessons to prepare for the teaching seminar Marienau in Vallendar, they April 1899 to September 1902 visited. 1907 she moved to Großrosseln at the Saar.
    Inspired by a meeting with the former General Superior of the Ursulines of Calvary (Ahrweiler)on 22 April 1908 she joined this order and presented on 3 November 1910 her temporal vows. Then she was in offices of the Order in Saarbruecken and Trier as a teacher and tutor of children. On 4 November 1913 she took her solemn (eternal) vows.

    From the month of September 1916 she suffered an incurable tuberculosis. Life and striving, attitude and behaviour of M. healthy and above all sick days fixed in many people the impression that we have is a holy thing to do: “The specific feature of her life, the quiet, modest but consistent duty, combined with a large cross Love “(Nicholas dollars) was for many model. According to the Bishop of Trier Hermann Josef hospital alive the “lovable teaching champion in faith, hope and love … Next for the hearts of people in the community of the Order, in the Church of Trier, in the world church. “tens of thousands of Gebetserhörungen have been reported. Am 13. On 13 November 1954 the Episcopal Informativprozeß for the beatification. In 1985, the inexplicable cure of cancer missionary sister Irimberta Puntigam to the intercession of Vienna by M. investigated process, In December 1986 the healing was acknowledge by Rome as a miracle. Pope John Paul II beatified her on 18. November 1987 and her ligurgical celebration is May 18th.

    On May 18, 1990, in accordance with plans by the architect Karl P. Trier, were transferred to the cemetery – St. Pauls newly built Blandinenkapelle.

  2. Dianna says:

    I have a relic,holy card and medal of Blessed Blandine Merten that was given to me by a German nun at our Adoration Chapel. I don’t know much about her and would like to learn more.
    Thank you,

  3. james sanyu says:

    ugandan has been to me financial intercessor

  4. Foundation for Defense of Democracies

    May 18: Blessed Blandine Merten | The Black Cordelias

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