Pig-Free Cosmetics for Muslim Chicks

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Muslim women get pig-free cosmetics

For Muslim women who feel they are violating Islam’s teachings by using skin creams with alcohol and pig residues, Layla Mandi has the answer: religiously-correct “halal” cosmetics.

The Canadian makeup artist who converted to Islam is marketing cosmetics called OnePure, which she says have the luxury feel of international brands minus the elements banned under Islamic law.

“There are pork derivatives and alcohol in most cosmetics products, so Muslims should really use something else,” Mandi said.

From Islamic banking to alcohol-free hotels, products tagged as halal have become popular among devout Muslims — who pray five times a day and perform other rituals.

Under the concept of halal — which means “lawful” in Arabic — pork and its by-products, alcohol and animals not slaughtered according to Koranic procedures are all forbidden.

Strict Muslims the world over only buy halal food but the market for halal cosmetics is still in its infancy in Asia and a mere novelty for Muslims in the Arab world.


2 Responses to Pig-Free Cosmetics for Muslim Chicks

  1. Well, if it is pork derived makeup, I think it is a wonderful idea to give Muslims an additional option when it comes to what choices they have w/ makeup. choices are always a great thing. Halal (which means “lawful” in Arabic…) makeup, thats super. Never heard of this type of thing before.

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