Saint Cecilia Yu So-sa

saint-cecilia-yu-so-sa-nov-23Saint Cecilia Yu So-sa

Seoul, South Korea, 1761 – Seoul, South Korea, 23 November 1839

Roman Martyrology: In Seoul in Korea, Saint Cecilia Yu So-sa, martyr, who, widowed, owned private property and was arrested because of her faith, was subjected to twelve times to interrogation and beaten until expiration, almost an octogenarian, in prison .

The Second Vatican Council, far from having abolished the worship of saints, has instead stressed the universal call to holiness, this great reality of life-based evangelical style. Over the past decades this rediscovery size imitation of Christ which would be called all Christians of every condition, which led to the recognition and many beatifications and canonizations of many lay faithful, but for many centuries is well known as the only Saints with no clothes Religious were almost exclusively the kings of various European dynasties and some of the early martyrs.

The saint celebrated today is precisely a secular, lived in Korea straddling the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Unfortunately, as for the first martyrs, it is very difficult to find much information about her, even though they constitute the largest group of saints, Christians have always considered it unnecessary to send many details about their earthly existence, but rather put due emphasis in the extreme testimony of Christian faith until the point of their blood.

Cecilia Yu So-sa was born in Seoul, capital of today’s South Korea, in 1761. Married woman, her children were the Saints Hasang Paul Chong and Jung Hye. Then remained widow, was deprived of all her possessions and imprisoned because of her Christian faith. Twelve times she was brought to trial and many times was subjected to flogging. Eventually she died in Bo-jeong prison on Nov. 23, almost octogenarian.

Cecilia was beatified on July 5,1925 and finally canonized by Pope John Paul II on May 6, 1984 with 102 other martyrs whose blood was sprayed in her country, Korea. The group, known as the “Saints Taegon Andrea Kim, Paul Chong Hasang and comrades”, is commonly celebrated on the Latin liturgical calendar Sept. 20.

Author: Fabio Arduino

SOURCE: Santi e Beati

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