May 9: Blessed Stefan Grelewski, New Martyr Of Poland

Blessed Stefan Grelewski, 1898 – 1941

He was born in Dwikozy in 1898. He went to school in Sandomierz and Janów Lubelski. He took holy orders in the Sandomierz Cathedral on 12 October 1921. He was a journalist, writer, columnist and translator. He died on 9 May 1941. He was beatified on 13 June 1999. SOURCE

I believe he and Blessed Kazimierz Grelewski were brothers – but I am not sure… Anyone?


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  1. nan says:

    Courtesy of and bad Google translations:

    Yes, they’re brothers.

    He was born on 3 July 1898 in Dwikozach in the family and Michael Eufrozyny with Jarzynów. He went to Progimnazjum in Sandomierz, and then at the Gymnasium in Lubartowie.
    Holy Orders received in październiku1921 year from the hands of a priest Bishop Mariana Ryxa in the Department of Sandomierz. He started his studies of Canon Law at the Catholic University of Lublin, which finished in Strasbourg in 1924, where he obtained a doctorate of law. In the following year, after returning to Poland, was appointed Secretary General of the Association of Christian Workers in Radom. Between 1928-1931, he worked as a school prefect of the universal male, and from January 1932 until the outbreak of war in 1939 in Male National Gymnasium. Jan Kochanowski in Radom.
    Fr. Stefan Grelewski was a publicist, writer, translator from German and French. Among others, translated from German book titled. “Jesus Christ” Professor. Charles Adam and two books of Adolf Bertrama “Charyzmaty soul and the work of priests” and “In the service of the ideals of Catholic Action.” In 1937 published a book titled. “Confessions and Protestant religious sects in contemporary Poland.” He wrote in “Little Journal”, “Kurier Warsaw,” “Word of the Nation”, the “Guide to the Catholic”, “Athenaeum Kapłańskim.” In the year 1930 that established the magazine “The Catholic Truth”, which was an editor for 1935. He served as president of the Association of Polish Intelligence in Radom, actively cooperated in organizing the first diocese in the Eucharistic Congress in Radom in 1933.
    During the Nazi occupation he was teaching religion in secret. He was arrested Jan. 24, 1941 year with the younger brother of a priest Casimir. He was tortured, and then transported to the camp at Auschwitz, where he received a number 10444. Later, was brought to the camp at Dachau, where he had a number 25281. He died from hunger and exhaustion on May 9, 1941, in the camp hospital, prepared for death by his brother – współwięźnia – Fr. Casimir.
    He was a man of extremely active in the field of knowledge of religions and religious sects have the opinion of the best experts in Poland. Stefan Grelewski servant of God has an array of epitafijną along with his brother, the servant of God, Fr. Kazimierz Grelewskim in the High Mountains near Sandomierz, where both were chrzczeni.

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