Private Muslim School in Iranian building that government seized


I’m sure you’ve read about government seizure of a building in New York City, together with a few mosques around the country. There’s a private Muslim school in the building, which receives support from the Alavi Foundation, the foundation which is tied to Iran, from which the buildings have been seized.

Now people associated with the school are concerned about being tainted. It’s perfectly reasonable for them to be concerned; their space is in a building owned by a foundation with financial ties that are counter to American law. In addition, they’re supported by that same foundation, so yeah, they’re suspect.

Keep in mind that most Amerians could care less, and that the only actual backlash about which I’m aware related to the Fort Hood Jihadist, is that a Greek Orthodox Priest in Florida was attacked by an idiot who claimed he was a jihadist and yelled Allah Akbar. Good trick for a guy who doesn’t speak Arabic.




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