Blessed Bernard of Sithiu, Penitent, April 19

blessed-bernard-of-sithiu-apr-191Blessed Bernard of Sithiu, Penitent
+ 19 April 1182

Roman Martyrology: At the monastery of Saint-Bertin in the territory of France in Thérouanne, transit of Blessed Bernardo, penitent, who, eager to atone for the sins of his youth with an austere penitence, voluntarily chose exile, and, barefooted, with wearing garments of wool and happy just a park board, was a tireless pilgrim to the holy places.

The few reports received about the life of Blessed Bernard of Sithiu are those handed down in the writings of John of Sithiu, abbot in 1187, a source of extraordinary interest and value to deepen the knowledge of the character. I also mention Bolland October 1170 a letter with which the Archbishop of Narbonne condemned Bernard package. There was also handed the Office composed in his honor and in 1465 an inventory of his remains are cited Quli “relics of St Bernard, penitent. “

From such documents and testimonies one may deduce that Bernard of Maguellone, following a murder, was ordered to make a pilgrimage of atonement. After wandering far and wide for a long time, he finally settled near the former of Sithiu, where for four years he lived in misery and deprivation, finally dying on April 19, 1182. The fame for holiness which was gained in life was later confirmed after death by many miracles occurring at his tomb.

Author: Fabio Arduino

Source: Santi e Beati


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