Hermitage Burns To Ground – Help Needed!


A major fire is testing the faith of a Catholic monastery near Eureka Springs. Flames destroyed the chapel and dining hall of Little Portion Hermitage just after midnight Tuesday.

Firefighters from four departments were able to keep the intense fire from spreading to the living quarters of its members. They lost their archives, library, and storeroom. Little Portion’s founder is recording artist John Michael Talbot, who says some at the monastery suffered from minor smoke inhalation.

If you’d like to make a donation for recovery and rebuilding, you can do so at Little Portion’s Web site.


2 Responses to Hermitage Burns To Ground – Help Needed!

  1. Dr. Acula says:

    Father John used to be in one of my dad’s favorite country rock bands, Mason Proffit.


    I pray that the hermitage will be rebuilt and the inhalation damage won’t be too severe.

    I offer my prayers through the intercession of Sts. Agatha, Amabilis, Barbara, Caesarius of Arles, Catherine of Siena, Eustachius, Florian, Francis of Assisi, Francis of Paola, Gratus of Aosta, Jodocus, and Lawrence. May the hermitage thrive once more!

  2. Fr. J. says:

    I read JMT’s Troubador for the Lord way back in the 80’s. What a great story, what a great man. I also heard him in concert a couple of times in the 90’s. His music ages well and still does things for my spirit.

    Having seen photos of the old chapel, I hope this give the community an opportunity to build something more grand for God.

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