One Year Ago Today – Indonesia: Islamic Extremists Sentenced To Prison For Beheading Girls

December 4, 2008

Tuesday December 04, 2007
INDONESIA: ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS SENTENCED TO PRISON FOR BEHEADING GIRLS – Light sentences meted out to Muslim militants for gruesome, premeditated murders.

LOS ANGELES, December 4 (Compass Direct News) – Three Islamic extremists were sentenced yesterday to 19, 14 and 10 years in prison respectively for beheading three Christian teenage girls and shooting two others non-fatally in 2005. A South Jakarta district court sentenced Rahman Kalahe to 19 years in prison, Agus Nur Muhammad to 14 years and Yudi Heryanto to 10 years after finding them guilty in the beheading of Theresia Morangke and Yarni Sambue, both 15, and 17-year-old Alfita Poliwo as the girls walked to school in Poso district in Sulawesi on October 29, 2005. Kalahe was also found guilty of involvement in a Dec. 31, 2005 bomb attack on a market in Palu that killed at least eight people. Abdul Muis was also convicted for this crime and likewise received a sentence of 19 years. The two men were also convicted of murdering the Rev. Irianto Kongkoli and two high school students in 2006. The court also found Syaiful Anam and Amril Niode guilty of bombing a marketplace in the Christian-inhabited town of Tentena, in Poso district, in May 2005, with Anam receiving a prison sentence of 18 years and Niode one of 15 years.

Father Zakaria Speaks On “Islamophobia”

November 15, 2008

“I am not “Islamophobic,” I am Islamorealistic.”

So true.

5 bob to Jihad Watch

Aid Worker Gayle Williams Shot Dead In Afganistan By Taliban

October 22, 2008

For the blessed repose of the handmaid of God Gayle Williams.

Aid Worker Gayle Williams Shot Dead In Afganistan By Taliban

KABUL – A female aid worker was shot dead in the Afghan capital yesterday in a killing claimed by the Islamic Taliban which accused her group of “preaching Christianity.”

Gayle Williams, 34, of British and South African nationality, was shot several times as she was walking to work in a western suburb of Kabul, said the SERVE Afghanistan aid organization for which she had been working for 2-years.

President Hamid Karzai condemned the killing of Ms. Williams Read the rest of this entry »

St. Francis Magazine: Allah no longer has 99 most beautiful names

October 10, 2008

From the interestingly named Evangelical blog “St. Francis Magazine”:

Allah no longer has 99 most beautiful names

During the last weeks, scholars at al-Azhar have agreed to dump some of Allah’s most beautiful names. The firebrand sheikh Yusuf al-Badri has even started a courtcase in Egypt to forbid any singing of the 99 most beautiful names.

What is happening to Islam? Are the foundations shaking? Ah.. it is this Coptic-Orthdox priest Zakaria. On his daily TV program on LifeTV (owned by Joyce Meyer by the way…) he has been tearing these 99 names apart. And Islamic scholars had to agree with him. How can you call Allah, just to give a few examples, The Hurtful (al-Dharr), or the Useful (al-Nafia). Read the rest of this entry »

“I Divorce Thee”

September 28, 2008


Nigerian Man ordered to divorce 86 of his 84 wives…

My guess would be keep the most fertile four…
Honestly, he can divorce and remarry all of them at whim – and arrangements can be made to be married “temporarily” to them “as needed”…

5 bob to TBC reader Nan

Jihad Watch: “Al Qaeda declares Coptic priest Zakaria Botros ‘one of the most wanted infidels in the world'”

September 10, 2008

Al Qaeda declares Coptic priest Zakaria Botros “one of the most wanted infidels in the world”


And offers 60 million for his head. More on Islam’s Public Enemy #1. “Exclusive: Al Qaeda targets leading Arab evangelist operating in the U.S. for preaching the Gospel to Muslims,” by Joel C. Rosenberg for Flashtraffic, September 9 (thanks to Erick):

“I believe this is the hand of God,” Botros told me. “He is directing me. He shows me what to say. He shows me what to write on…the web sites. He is showing me more and more how to use the technology to reach people with his message of redemption.”

You have probably never heard of Father Zakaria Botros. But you need to know his story. He is far and away the most-watched and most-effective Arab-American evangelist focused on reaching the Muslim world, and by far the most controversial. The Rush Limbaugh of the Revivalists, he is funny, feisty, brilliant, opinionated, and provocative. But rather than preaching the gospel of conservatism, he is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. And his enemies do not simply want to silence him. They want to assassinate him.

Last week, I had the honor of interviewing Botros by phone from a secure, undisclosed location in the United States, where he now resides. He told me that he had just learned that an al Qaeda website had posted his photograph and named him one of the “most wanted” infidels in the world. The Radicals have even put a bounty on his head. The Christian Broadcasting Network reported the figure was as high as $60 million. Botros does not know for certain. But just to put that in context, the U.S. bounty on Osama bin Laden’s head is “only” $25 million.

Why are the Radicals so enraged by an elderly Coptic priest from Egypt who is in his 70s? Because Botros is waging an air war against them, and he is winning.

Using state-of-the art satellite technology to bypass the efforts of Islamic governments to keep the gospel out of their countries, Botros is directly challenging the claims of Muhammad to be a prophet, and the claims of the Qu’ran to be God’s word. He systematically deconstructs Muhammad’s life, story by story, pointing out character flaws and sinful behavior. He carefully deconstructs the Qu’ran, verse by verse, citing contradictions and inconsistencies. And not only does he explain without apology what he believes is wrong with Islam, he goes on to teach Muslims from the Bible why Jesus loves them and why is so ready to forgive them and adopt them into His family, no matter who they are or what they have done.

If Botros was doing this in a corner, or on some cable access channel where no one saw him or cared, that would be one thing. But his ninety-minute program – a combination of preaching, teaching and answering questions from (often irate) callers all over the world – has become “must see TV” throughout the Muslim world. It is replayed four times a week in Arabic, his native language, on a satellite television network called Al Hayat (“Life TV.”) It can be seen in every country in North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, as well as all throughout North America,Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. And not only can it be seen in so many places, it is seen – by an estimated fifty million Muslims a day.

At the same time, Botros is getting millions of hits on his multiple web sites in multiple languages. There, Muslims can read his sermons and study through an archive of answers to frequently asked questions. They can also enter a live chat room called “Pal Chat” where they are not only permitted but encouraged to ask their toughest questions to trained on-line counselors, many of whom are Muslim converts to Christianity who understand exactly where the questioners are coming from and the struggles they are having.

As a result, Botros – on the air only since 2003 – has practically become a household word in the Muslim world. An Arabic newspaper has named him Islam’s “Public Enemy #1.” Millions hate him, to be sure, but they are watching. They are listening. They are processing what he is saying and they are talking about him with their friends and family. When Botros challenges Radical clerics to answer his many refutations of Islam and defend the Qu’ran, millions wait to see how the fundamentalists will respond. But they rarely do. They prefer to attack Botros than answer him. Yet, the more the Radicals attack him, the more well-known he becomes. The Read the rest of this entry »

Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) Welcomes Muslim Student – Guess Who Is Sponsoring?

August 28, 2008

Remember, way back when (a few decades ago) when seminaries and divinity schools across the Christian world trained priests, pastors and preachers to go forth with the Gospel to all nations and make disciples of Jesus Christ? (Christians!)

Apparently these days, just talking to everyone is where some feel most comfortable stopping.  Not who is sponsoring the initiative.

From here:

Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) welcomed its first Muslim exchange student, Salih Sayilgan, on August 20 as part of its continuing effort to encourage deeper cross-cultural conversations within the VTS community and equip students to envision new and creative ways to undertake ministry in the world.

Sayilgan’s arrival marks a new relationship between the Seminary and the Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture (IFSC), a Muslim organization committed to dialogue and constructive relationships with Christians. Sayilgan, who has been a volunteer at the IFSC for the past five years, is currently working toward a master’s degree in the Sociology of Religion at the University of Sakarya, Turkey. His time at the Seminary will also build on the interreligious studies within the Washington Theological Consortium and on the work of the Rev. Dr. Rich Jones, professor of Mission and World Religions at VTS, who has taught about Islam for the past 20 years. Sayilgan’s time at VTS is being coordinated by the Seminary’s Center for Anglican Communion Studies. Read the rest of this entry »

Meet (& Say Goodby To) “Farfour The Mouse”!

July 23, 2008

Meet Palestinian children’s programming star “Farfour the Mouse”.  He loves spending time with his grandpa, his friends, and learning about the evils of “Zionist filth”.  Sadly, the “Zionist Filth” murder him.  No word on if he gets “mouse virgins” in paradise. 

Now that is just quality! One wonders if Mother Angelica is taking notes and if we will see a Mickey Mouse Martyr on any EWTN programming for children any time soon!

One also wonders why we aren’t all praying the Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus which offers

You are King of all those who are still involved in the darkness of idolatry of Islamism…

Tune in tomorrow to meet Assud the Jew Eating Pink Bunny Jihadist“!
I wish I made this stuff up.

Babies For Jihad!

July 13, 2008

From Jihad Watch: Babies for Jihad!

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – About 2,000 Islamist women gathered at the radical Red Mosque in the Pakistani capital on Wednesday and vowed to raise their children for holy war, days after a suicide bomber killed 18 people after a similar rally.

Chanting slogans of “jihad is our way”, burqa-clad women, some with babies, listened to fiery speeches from the daughter of the mosque’s jailed cleric on the eve of the anniversary of a commando raid on the complex in which more than 100 people died.  (READ ALL)

Ultimately, this is how they WILL win if they do.

They have children, we have utterly rejected our fertility in favor of comfort.

The next time you see a large family rather than make some smart alec comment about “You know what causes that, don’t you?” or “Get cable already!”

THANK THEM and pray for them.

Why Have The Palestinians Been Abandoned By Their Neighbors That Declared War On Israel?

May 29, 2008

That is a question that I have asked for years, and is addressed here:

“The Palestinians are in the refugee camps because the Arab nations want them in refugee camps in order to perpetuate political hatred against Israel”

I have said this for years. To absorb the populations of these camps would have taken the Arab countries that invaded little… It isn’t like they provide social services for their own people… what is a few more?

A little secret that Israelis have learned is that you can grow things in the dessert if you use resources for desalinization, irrigation, and educate people for developing strains of plants and fertilizers. The dessert sun that bakes the Rub’ al Khali (Arabic: الربع الخا) “Empty quarter” of Saudi Arabia (which imports foreign workers like MAD – why not Palestinians?) could have been covered with 100 sq miles of solar cells. They have the oil money to spend on it!

Did they? Why not?

 Does Saudi Arabia build Mosques and fund missionary efforts? Read the rest of this entry »

Father Jarjis Robert Sayd & Mar Bawai Soro At The Vatican: Hope, Defiance, Unity

April 28, 2008

This past Sunday 29 deacons were ordained to the priesthood at Saint Peter’s in Rome by HH Benedict XVI. Among the priests was an Iraqi of the Chaldean Catholic Church – which has suffered in the martyrdom of one archbishop, one priest, and 3 subdeacons in the last 12 months.

Rather a bold move with a bold message by a pope who is developping a reputation for such!  And a clear message at that – Catholics will not be driven underground in fear, Iraq’s Catholic Community is close to the heart of the Holy Father. Public reception of Moslem converts and public support for those who are persecuted my Moslems will be the norm.

Interestingly, among the guests in attendance for the ordination was none other than Assyrian Church of the East bishop Mar Bawai Soro – who has made known his intentions to bring his flock of some 6 priests, 30 deacons and 3,000 faithful in America into the Catholic Church via the Chaldean Catholic Church.

5 bob to American Papist who writes:

My, but doesn’t this picture speak volumes? Here’s the official photo caption:

New ordained priest Jarjis Robert Sayd of Iraq looks on during a ceremony lead by Pope Benedict XVI in which he ordained 29 new priests, in St. Peter Basilica at the Vatican, Sunday, April 27, 2008.


What also speaks volumes is the presense – along side the Chaldean Catholic bishops at the Mass – of Bishop Mar Bawai Soro. Mar Bawai – a bishop coming out of the Church of the East – had made it known in January of this year that it is his intention – along with the faithful of his diocese – to enter into full communion with the Holy See by way of the Chaldean Catholic Church. Iraqi Christian blogger Baghdadhope righty and interestingly asks:

Equally certainly his very presence in the Vatican and the place of honor reserved to him by the ceremonial could be interpreted as a signal of “unofficial” welcome. Maybe the Holy Church is preparing to welcome among its loving arms a new bishop besides 29 new priests?

Mar Bawai and his faithful – one of whom a proud Cordelia preparing his first post on TBC – have been in my prayers for some time now. I invite all to join me in those prayers that these aspirations for full communion will be achieved.

If you hadn’t heard of this movement before… well you are not alone. Not one other Catholic blogger seems to have embedded the following video as  content.

“Father Samuel Dinkha speaks to the San Jose congregation regarding H.G. Mar Bawai and his supporters “declaration of intent” to pursue full communion with the Catholic Church and unity with the Chaldean Catholic Church of the East.”

Many years to Father Jarjis Robert Sayd, Mar Bawai, and all the newly ordained priests!

Nigeria: Muslims rioting, attacking Christians over claim that a Christian blasphemed Muhammad

April 23, 2008

5 bob to: Jihad Watch

Nigeria: Muslims rioting, attacking Christians over claim that a Christian blasphemed Muhammad

Thousands of Christians trapped in churches as Muslims riot, looking for them.

“Nigeria: Muslim Rioters Attack Christians In Kano: Claim of ‘blasphemy’ in city market leads to looting, destruction,” from Compass Direct News (thanks to Morgaan Sinclair):

KANO, Nigeria, April 23 (Compass Direct News) – Hundreds of Muslims took to the streets of this northern Nigerian city on Sunday (April 20), attacking Christians and their shops and setting vehicles on fire on claims that a Christian had Read the rest of this entry »

180 Grown Muslim Men Should Be Able To Afford Their Own Footbath Area

April 12, 2008

Muslims to get floor sinks at airport by fall???

So this article informs that for the sake of 180 men of a religious minority the Airport Authority in Indianapolis (how publicly funded is that?) is going to install foot sinks at an airport…

There was a time when Eastern Orthodox Christians far outnumbered the Islamic population in the US. During that time did airlines have strict vegan meals during the great lent for them? Did Airport authorities pressure food service providers at the airport to have vegan options for them?

The Amish have strict practices that they – out of necessity – live in community to practice. Ditto for Hasidic Jews.

Note that where we Catholics constitute less than 2% of the population, (I am thinking Azerbaijan for example!) we as Catholics don’t go making push demands for Lenten food…

There comes a time when people realize that if you are part of a minority in a pluralistic society it is incumbent upon YOU to accommodate your needs… Not everyone else.

If these men need to get together and buy or rent a property to accomadate them that is near the airport. If there is 150 of them, than 180 contributing $14 a week ($2.00 per day) into a fund to rent or purchase a location where they can scrub their toes seems reasonable.

180 Muslims x $14.00 per day x 52 weeks per year

$131,040 (after a decade $1.3M!)that could rent or purchase a space that could accomadate footwashing at or near the airport! 

The onus is on THEM to meet their needs, not us!

Muslim taxi drives or Indianapolis, collect money and

  1. Look for real estate near the airport to buy or rent
  2. Discuss renting a space at the airport that would be a private members only area
  3. Talk with local gas stations or hotels to see if they would be interested in latching on to the lucrative pedal-spa market.  (This isn’t far fetched, truck stops have showers for a reason.)

This isn’t for the tax-payers to worry about or take care of for you. 

Don’t Punish My Other Wife!

April 8, 2008

5 bob to: Creative Minority Report

From the Daily Mail.

But yesterday one motorist offered what must be a unique reason why he should keep his licence.

Mohammed Anwar said a ban would make it difficult to commute between his two wives and fulfil his matrimonial duties.

His lawyer told a Scottish court the Muslim restaurant owner has one wife in Motherwell and another in Glasgow – he is allowed up to four under his religion – and sleeps with them on alternate nights.

Oh the irony when the pluralism being demanded shows sharia-law and same-sex marriage folks climbing into bed together. How do I mean?  Well if having multiple wives is respected in courts, how long can you argue that one woman can’t have just one other woman as her wife?

Will this woman who fancies herself a man, one day be allowed to be the husband of multiple wives and give birth to all their children?  In fact I daresay that taking steroids and having her breasts altered didn’t turn her into a man – the bun in the oven shows that…  But state law recognizes her as married to a woman.  Now in Britian the courts are – at least here – showing recognition to bigamy.  The floodgates are going to open – these parties are just chipping away at the same dam from different sides.

It boggles the mind…

“Oh, one more thing, if you happen to run into Geert Wilders…

April 7, 2008

“…Also this week the Women’s Club is having a bake sale to support adult literacy and our young men in the Scouts – Troupe #5698 “Death To Infidels Troupe” are working on their merit badges in recycling so if we could help them out by bringing your aluminum cans and newspaper to mosque this Tuesday and Thursday they will be collecting them from 5pm to 7:30pm. Oh, one more thing, if you happen to run into Geert Wilders…be a lamb and kill him, would you? Thanks. Allah akbar!”

Why don’t these Moslems understand Islam is as peaceful as Moslems tell us they are?

Geert Wilders of course knew what he was in for… Two of the language translators of Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses were stabbed – one died.  The Norwegian publisher was shot but lived, and the Turkish translator…  Well he made it out of the hotel the “lovers of peace” set on fire (37 others parished in the Sivas Massacre)… And all they did was translation work.

(It seems like only yesterday, though it was 20 years ago,the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Supreme Leader of Iran and a Shi’a Muslim scholar, issued a fatwa calling on all good Muslims to kill Rushdie and his publishers, or to point him out to those who can kill him if they cannot themselves.)

I hope we wake up, and do so SOON.

See also, “List of well-known fatwas

The Modern Swiss Are Crusaders?

April 3, 2008


Riyadh, 2 April (AKI) – Swiss football referee Massimo Busacca vowed he would wear a whistle with the Swiss Cross symbol on it during of the Saudi championship on Wednesday, despite anger voiced in the Kingdom at the ‘crusader’ item.

“I have respect for all religions, including Islam, but I don’t see anything offensive in this and am optimistic. I will not give up my ‘crusader’ whistle,” he told pan-Arab daily Al-Sharq al-Awsat.

Many in Saudi Arabia had called for Busacca to sport a different whistle to avoid offending Muslims. He has previously refereed several soccer matches in the Kingdom.

The Swiss Cross is Switzerland’s national flag and also forms the world famous Swiss army knife logo.

So anyone with a cross on their national flag would be expcted to not have their national flag on display so as not to offend the sensibilities of the Saudis? Anyone read enough Arabic to know what the Saudi Flag has written on it?  Any non-Moslems hear that as their last words?

5 bob to: Jihad Watch

Islam Overtakes Catholicism as the World’s Largest Religion?

March 31, 2008


“Islam Overtakes Catholicism as the World’s Largest Religion”has been a headline that has hit the blogosphere hard and taken off running… But there are some points to ponder when taking in this story…

Islam is not a singular cohsesive institution… There are divisions. If we are going to compare all adherents to forms of Islam to another group, wouldn’t it be all adherents to forms of Christianity? If we are going to compare the largest sub-groups… Well Holy Mother Church still is the largest single religious body the world has ever known. And we are still growing.

Something to really consider though – Muslims have more children. Read the rest of this entry »