Father Ragheed Aziz Ganni 1972 – 2007

June 3, 2017

Pray for us.


Father Ragheed Aziz Ganni, 1972 – 2007


Hear Father Ragheed Ganni, New Martyr of the Chaldeans

October 29, 2008

“Hear the voice of a Christian Martyr singing a hymn in Arabic to the Blessed Mother, while watching a slideshow of his funeral mass. Hear the angelic voice of Father Ragheed Ganni, a 35 year old Chaldean Catholic Priest killed on Sunday
June 3rd, 2007 with subdeacons Basman Yousef Daoud, Wadid Hanna and Ghasan Bida Wid right after celebrating mass at Holy Spirit Chaldean Catholic Church in Mosul, Iraq. The car of Father Ragheed and the three deacons was stopped by terrorists shortly after leaving the church.

“They were forced to get down from the car and asked to declare their conversion to Islam. When the four martyrs refused they were brutally gunned down with machine guns. Lord, protect all the innocent people of Iraq and all those trying to defend them. Jesus we trust in you and we are sustained by the prayers of your most holy mother to whom you never refuse a request. We pray for the repentance and conversion of Father Ragheed’s killers and all other terrorists. May she who gave birth to us at the foot of the cross beg you for mercy. “

source: http://www.ankawa.com/

It is really tough to listen to or watch this with dry eyes.

UPDATE: Someone emailed the following to me, I wanted to share it – I hope that is alright.”I clicked over to your blog and found your post on Fr. Ragheed from Iraq.He came to visit our parish back in 2002 or 2003 (I forget?)… and we got to know him personally very well. My husband and I took him out to lunch on a couple occasions…He was a beautiful person… I enjoy reading about him. Thanks for your blog post.”

I had not known Father Ragheed had spent any time in America. That was fascinating to learn. Thank you for sharing that.

Fr. Ragheed and Subdeacons

July 6, 2008

I think that many in the Catholic World know about the martyrdom of Fr. Ragheed and Subdeacons Ghassan, Wahid, and Basman. Here are a few pictures of them. Some of the pictures are from a memorial or their funeral. I can’t read Arabic so I don’t know for sure:

It would appear that Subdeacon Basman is at Fr. Ragheed’s left (our right.)

Holy Martyrs Ragheed, Ghassan, Wahid, and Basman, pray for us!

Father Ragheed & Companions, New Martyrs Of Iraq

June 3, 2008

Pray for us.

Father Ragheed Aziz Ganni, 1972 – 2007
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Can The Black Cordelias help to keep an Iraqi Catholic Seminary open?

April 29, 2008


 Can The Black Cordelias help to keep an Iraqi Catholic Seminary open?

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 Project Number: 11909
Project Title: Keep Babel Open
Description: Baghdad’s Babel College for Philosophy and Theology, which educates Iraq’s seminarians, has been forced to relocate to Arbil. Help keep its doors open.
Amount requested: $15,000.00
Contributions from donors: $4,244.10
Amount needed to complete the project: $10,755.90

Donate here: http://www.cnewa.org/donate-projectlist-us.aspx?locationID=6