Contradistinction Essential To The Eastern Orthodox Convert?

October 8, 2008

In a recent post over at the blog Eastern Orthodox Christianity 2.0 entitled St. Gregory, Illuminator of Armenia the author – an ex-Catholic and convert to the Greek Orthodox Church – uses the occasion of the Feast of Saint Gregory of Armenia to touch on the hagiography of our venerable father among the saints. 

The post notes that veneration of Saint Gregory the Illuminator is most commonly found and very dear among the Armenian people whose largest church is the Armenian Apostolic Church – a church of the Oriental Orthodox communion that is NOT in communion with the Eastern Orthodox Communion and has not been since the schism that erupted after the Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon.

Curiously, the opportunity is taken to make the following observation:

We have not been in communion since approximately Chalcedon, even though the Church of Rome now allows communion with Orthodox, Orientals, Assyrians, and Polish National Catholics, under certain circumstances– a permission which some Orthodox regard with suspicion, since it was extended without agreement with us Orthodox, and in full knowledge that Orthodoxy forbids Orthodox to partake of non-Orthodox mysteries / sacraments, and vice-versa.

The seguay into the semantic polemics against the Catholic Church – without any explination or link to the nuanced allowances for communion for non-Catholics that come from true Churches – is an odd and curious one to me. It seems irrelevant to the feast and rather unwarranted in the post. One is left to wonder, why is it brought up?

As often as not, in reading my way through English language texts of Eastern Orthodox scholars, the recurring theme I find (in some writers far more so than others) is an incessant need for contradistinction against the Catholic Church.

Why is this?

Ex-Protestant-now-Catholic Priest

August 27, 2008

Help Bob Catholic: He is looking to make a list of Ex-Protestant-now-Catholic Priests.

Go leave a comment in his combox and help his list, if you are aware of some priests yet to be mentioned.

Reformed Converts To Catholicism?

August 14, 2008

Taylor Marshall over at Canterbury Tales is compiling a list of Reformed Christians who have entered the Catholic Church.

If you can add to the list, please do so!

Reformed Converts to Catholicism

TAC-Related Announcement Post-Lambeth?

June 23, 2008

Traditional Anglicans await ruling from Holy See  

Traditionalist Anglicans applying for communion with Rome, rumor has it, may be receiving an answer after Lambeth 2008.

(One wonders if the Spouse’s Conference is now officially co-ed too…)

Personally, I prayerfully hope so.

Say a Rosary to help effect the co-ordination of the return home of those who are so clearly ready.

Welcome Home!

March 23, 2008


Was just curious to find out if any of our dozen readers or so out there were received into the Church this weekend. If so, welcome home! Also feel free to leave a note in the combox.

I know more than a few of our regular combox warriors as well as (a majority?) of our contributors made that journey – some in just the past several years. For them, how long have you been Catholic?

Anyone picking out swim apparel and eyeing the Tiber for next year out there?