C of E bishop will defect to RomeC of E bishop will defect to Rome

June 27, 2008

C of E bishop will defect to Rome

C of E bishop will defect to Rome

Thursday, June 26, 2008, 08:13 PM GMT [General]

At least one Church of England bishop will defect to Rome soon after the Lambeth Conference, I gather from Anglo-Catholic sources. And there could be more to follow.

I can’t tell you much more than that at the moment, because the negotiations with Rome are so sensitive – and the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales, who distrust Anglican traditionalists, are quite capable of throwing a spanner in the works. (READ ALL…)


Who will it be?

Time will tell! (Note, image included in post is randomly chosen – no idea who those blokes are… if it just so happens that one of them is the rumored bishop, Rob owes me a Miller Lite™.)

TAC-Related Announcement Post-Lambeth?

June 23, 2008

Traditional Anglicans await ruling from Holy See  

Traditionalist Anglicans applying for communion with Rome, rumor has it, may be receiving an answer after Lambeth 2008.

(One wonders if the Spouse’s Conference is now officially co-ed too…)

Personally, I prayerfully hope so.

Say a Rosary to help effect the co-ordination of the return home of those who are so clearly ready.

April 24: , Swedish Convert, Nurse & Nun

April 24, 2008

Blessed Maria Elisabetta Hesselblad, 1870 – 1957 Read the rest of this entry »

Being Catholic III

April 12, 2008

My complete submission took a full six years, a little at a time, always a little more to go to fully embrace the traditional

teachings.  I ended up taking the advice of my sponsor and jumped in with both feet on learning Church history.  The more I learned, the more I loved it and the more I was able to give myself to the Church.  I quickly began to attend Mass at 6:00 PM every Tuesday at St. Joe’s.  I was on fire!  As soon as I could I became a lector and a Eucharistic minister.  For the next three years I helped in RCIA and I helped start a Bible study at St. Francis.  For a while I was at church every day of the week, I just couldn’t get enough of it.  My primary purpose for becoming a Eucharistic minister was to bring the Eucharist to shut-ins.  I wanted to bring it to hospitals, but there were none in my parish bounds, so I took Holy Communion to a couple total care and partial care centers.  Eventually I began to bring Holy Communion to the county pokey too, which I found to be my favorite form of service. Read the rest of this entry »

The Story of a Shrine and of a Conversion (Part 2)

April 6, 2008

At the end of the day, Ahmad looked at me and said: “You know, I feel peace with you.”

I said: “I did not even talk to you. You don’t even know me, how did you feel peace with me?”

He said: “I don’t know, but I feel peace with you.”

Then, Ahmad opened his heart and told me about an amazing experience he had had 3 years ago. He said, “I was working on the Bobcat removing rubbles. I noticed a book over there. So, I turned off the Bobcat and walked towards the rubbles. I took the book in my hand, removed the dust and opened it. When I read a passage, I felt a power entered into my body. Since then, I have been liberated from a vice I had been struggling with.”

I said: “Wow, what is that book?”

He said: “The Bible.”

I said: “OK, I have a Bible in my car. Would you like to read a passage from it?”

He said: “Yes, sure.”

I said: “OK, take the book. Pray first. Then, open it and the passage that comes I will read it for you.”

Ahmad took the Bible, prayed and opened the Gospel on the second letter to the Corinthians 5:17-19.

I read: “So whoever is in Christ is a new creation: the old things have passed away; behold, new things have come. And all this is from God, who has reconciled us to himself through Christ and given us the ministry of reconciliation, namely, God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting their trespasses against them and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation.”

I was reading this passage, and Ahmad began to cry. He sobbed. Then, he spontaneously confessed all the sins he had done in his life. I left this man purified from his old sins and I went back to my church.
That was the first day.

On Thursday March 8, 2007, I took Ahmad from his apartment to the Shrine project. He was in complete silence. He couldn’t work a lot because the Bobcat had a few problems. Read the rest of this entry »

The Story Of A Shrine And Of A Conversion (Part 1)

April 5, 2008

On Christmas 2006, I had a great desire in my heart to find a place somewhere on the mountain of Lebanon, where I can bring the Blessed Sacrament and gather all people in the cold to worship the Lord.

So I went up to the mountain. There was a huge cross built in 1932. I said “Maybe we can build a tent and worship the Lord in the cold next Christmas 2007.” But the property was not for the church. It was for the nuns. So I went and met the general superior and told her about my desire: “Can we do this next Christmas?” She looked at me and said: “We will think about it.” I understood that she drove me away in a diplomatic way.

I went to the township and asked: “What do we own here as a church.”

So they showed me maps. I looked at them and was surprised and shocked when I found out that we have a property on the mountain not too far from the Cross. So, overwhelmed with joy, I went immediately to the mountain. I entered a forest that had been neglected for decades because of the wars and turmoil in the Chouf region. And the vision began to form in my mind: “OK, I will build a way, like the way of the cross, that leads to a grotto. But where is that grotto?” So I told two of my friends to come with me and try to find out where is that place of worship. We went on January 9, 2007. My friends went in a direction. I went in a different direction. I climbed a small hill filled with bushes and thorns. So, I got scars everywhere. Then, suddenly, I discovered natural rocks hidden behind the bushes. So, I cried out in a loud voice: “George, George, I found it. I found the place.” “Where are you?” George asked. “I am here. Come and see.” My friends arrived and saw the natural rocks and said: “Wow, this is the place.”

I brought an excavation machine and removed the small hill filled with bushes. We found hundreds of stones beneath the hill. So, we kept them aside. Now, the news reached religious authorities that Fr. Antonio is building A WONDER LAND or A WALT DISNEY LAND on the mountain. So they sent me a priest to check what I was doing. The priest arrived, put his hand on his forehead and said: “What are you doing? This is a big project? It will cost you more than 50,000$.”

I said: “Please, just give me your blessing and let me work.”

He said: “You can’t do this.”

I said: “Tell the general superior to give me his blessing. That’s all I need.”

He said: “Listen, you cannot take one penny from the church, not even from your personal pocket. You cannot work with debts and you cannot make advertisements.”
I said: “OK. I won’t do these things. Whatever Our Mother Mary sends me, I will put it here. If she doesn’t send anything, I won’t do anything.”

He said: “OK, work in silence.” Read the rest of this entry »

Magdi Allam, Benedict. Why?

March 25, 2008

“I realize what I am going up against

but I will confront my fate with my head high,

with my back straight and the interior strength

of one who is certain about his faith.”

— Magdi Christian Allam.

Some voices in Europe and other places are presently criticizing the pope for his high profile baptism of Magdi Allam at the Easter Vigil. They assert that the pope is somehow taunting Islam and unnecessarily putting Mr. Allam’s life in danger, and perhaps the pope’s as well. I cannot know the pope’s mind. But I would like to suggest why he might do something so dramatic and frankly foolish in the eyes of the world:

I think the pope is making all kinds of points.

  • He wants to uphold the example of this man who has stood up to Islam already for many years.
  • He also wants to make an issue of the Muslim practice of assassination of those who convert out of it. Imagine the shame heaped on Islam if Allam is killed.
  • He wants to show Muslims that reasonable and rational people, the very best of Islam are ashamed of what Islam has become.
  • He wants to make a point to sleepy Europeans that Christianity is a faith worth dying for.
  • He wants to give all the world an example of Christ-like willingness to die for the good, rather than to kill.
  • He wants the world to know that it is superior to suffer violence than to commit it.
  • He wants to show the world the moral and spiritual superiority of Christ and Christianity.
  • He wants to show the world that the willingness to innocently suffer violence for one’s faith is not reserved to the earliest ages, but is a very present reality.
  • He wants to highlight that Christians throughout the world willingly suffer violence for their faith every day.
  • He wants to bring about religious freedom, a true liberation of personal conscience in the lands of Islam.
  • He wants to give the Muslim world an example of Christian virtue that they will notice.
  • Should Mr. Allam or Benedict lose their lives, he would want to offer martyrs for the sake of the Muslim world.

Finally, Magdi Allam, now on the world stage, may be safer than if he had not been in the spotlight. Who knows?

Welcome Home!

March 23, 2008


Was just curious to find out if any of our dozen readers or so out there were received into the Church this weekend. If so, welcome home! Also feel free to leave a note in the combox.

I know more than a few of our regular combox warriors as well as (a majority?) of our contributors made that journey – some in just the past several years. For them, how long have you been Catholic?

Anyone picking out swim apparel and eyeing the Tiber for next year out there?