Bishop James Augustine Healy, Second Bishop Of Portland, Maine

June 5, 2008

Bishop James Augustine Healy

James Augustine Healy was born in Georgia a slave. Due to his status, he and his siblings were forbidden from attending school. His parents wanted for them to be educated, and therefore sent se and his brother to the North to attend school. They later transfered to the Holy Cross College.
He and his brother Hugh were among the first graduation class, “Class of 1849”.

James then attended the Suplican Seminary in Paris. During this time, he felt he was called to e a pastor. In 1854, he was ordained at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Following his return to the US, he served as a priest and pastor in Boston for many years.

In 1875, he was named Bishop of Portland, Maine, being the fist African-American to be named bishop.

Within the 25 years he served as bishop, he established 60 new seminaries, 68 missions, 18 convents and schools throughout Maine, while overcoming the prejudices he faced.

Bishop Healy was a humble man, who wanted to served God and aid His people.