An evening in the neighborhood: “Blessed are you when they curse you and utter every evil against you on account of me.”

February 20, 2010

Okay.  Despite the photo, I don’t want to get all dramatic here.  But, I was reminded last night as I often am here in Portland, OR, that there are some facts we Christians have to face.  And we will have to help our children face them, too.

I read in the paper a few weeks ago about a Socrates Cafe that has just started here in my neighborhood.  SC is a kind of loose discussion among folks from different walks of life of philosophical questions.  Having an otherwise useless BA in philo but a mind that is hard wired to the field I just had to get to this groovy little bar/cafe and see what it was all about.

The place was packed last night with about 30 folks who wanted to get philosophical.  I had been working all day and was in my clerics.  I figured I wouldn’t show my hand right away so I shifted my white collar tab to the side and out of sight.  Everybody wears black, so no big deal, I thought.

Our conversation was on the question, “What is the distinction between rights and priviledges?”  Cool topic, I thought.   It was going fine and I tried to help it along with some occasional comments–not dominating, just participating.

A couple of guys on the other side were very sharp and were clearly coming from a socialist point of view with many comments focused on exploitation, class tensions, injustices and conflicts.  All fair enough and worthy points.  Then suddenly the mood changed and there began a stream of caustic references to abusive Catholic Read the rest of this entry »

Catholic Church commits hari kari over gay marriage law in D.C.

February 18, 2010

The Archdiocese of Washington has scrapped its 80-year-old foster care program, claiming it’s no longer eligible to serve as an adoption provider due to the District of Columbia’s pending same-sex marriage law.

Under the legislation, which legalizes same-sex marriage in the nation’s capital and which goes into effect March 2, all outside contractors must recognize gay couples in the District.

In a press release posted on its Web site Tuesday, the archdiocese, which opposes gay marriage, said it had no choice but to transfer its foster care program to the National Center for Children and Families, or NCCF.

“We regret that our efforts to avoid this outcome were not successful,” Ed Orzechowski, president and CEO of Catholic Charities, said in a statement.

The transfer includes seven staff, 43 children and their biological families and 35 foster families, according to the press release.

From Fox News

If the Church had the courage of its convictions, it would not close the foster care program but conduct it just as it always has and simply ignore the law on gay marriage.

Let the gays take the Church to court and let the Church defend herself on freedom of religion.  And let the world see the hate that the gay community has for the Church.

But, no.  The Church rolls over and plays dead.

Vatican Archive Disclosures won’t Disclose the Whole Story

February 16, 2010


The Vatican’s newspaper announced the plan, saying it will “render service to the historic truth,” and officials said Tuesday the material will be accessible soon.

However a panel of Jewish and Catholic scholars who examined the 11 volumes of material a decade ago concluded that more information was required to decide whether Pius did everything he could to head off the Nazis’ efforts to exterminate European Jews.

Some Jews and others contend Pius should have done more, and are angered by Pope Benedict XVI’s recent decision to move Pius closer to sainthood.

The Vatican’s daily newspaper L’Osservatore Romano said Gary Krup, an American who heads the Pave the Way Foundation, which seeks to strengthen Catholic-Jewish relations, was behind the online initiative. It quoted him as saying that the Pius XII papacy “has become a source of friction.”

Benedict sparked renewed outrage among Jewish groups in December when he signed a decree on Pius’ heroic virtues, paving the way for him to be beatified once a miracle attributed to his intercession is confirmed.

From the AP

Of course the secular press and the most critical Jewish organizations have ignored the countless heroic acts of Catholic clergy and religious who risked their lives to hide Jews in their rectories, monasteries, hospitals, Read the rest of this entry »

Another Biased Blogger Gets It Wrong

April 20, 2008

This cartoon showed up another blog – Pope Ratzo Protects Pedophile Bishops « – and is just one more instance of folks writing about the abuse who get it WRONG.

If Only School Boards Would Not Insist That Teachers Remain Celibate All Their Lives « Per Christum Seldom talked about are the much, much higher rates of abuse that occur in public school districts.  Many perpetrators go unpunished beyond having their resignation accepted – and then moving to another school district.  With damage caps in place (sometimes as low as $100K) most attorneys are not terribly interested in pursuing a case that could take years with a maximum payout of $33K (1/3d) for the attorney involved.  That is very little money for a case that could take years to go to trial.

Celibacy = Abuser Magnet? « Per Christum So is celebacy the issue?  Does it stand to reason that men who target teenage boys (the overwhelming demographic victimized) would want to go through 4-8 years of formation and then live in the fishbowl of the parish rectory?  Couldn’t they accomplish the same goals with Internet chat rooms while working a better paying job less in the spotlight?

The vast majority of priests are thought never to have abused any children (99.8%) Yes, that is right, abuse is NOT the norm – it isn’t even 1% of all the priests in all the US church that have been so much as accused.  Can the same or similar be said for most other professions with access to children? Sure the abuse cases out there that are the most notorious grab headlines… But does that implicate everyone?

Shedding Light On Sex Abuse Scandals « Per Christum Have Protestants in general fared any better with their married clergy?  Decidedly not.

People with a goal of actually understanding this problem would know better than to write such pedantic drivel.  But anti-Catholicism is still very acceptable… And when it comes to beating that horse, any stick will do!