Blessed Giacomo Meseguer Burillo, November 25

November 25, 2009


Blessed Giacomo Meseguer Burillo, Dominican Priest, Martyr
Híjar Meseguer Burillo (Teruel), Spain, 1 May 1885-Barcelona, Spain, date unknown

Roman Martyrology: The blessed Martyr Giacomo Meseguer Burillo, a Dominican Priest, who, in Barcelona, on a day remaining unknown, completed test to the glorious Christ.

He was Beatified on March 11, 2001, together with 232 others, a group known as Blessed Spanish Dominicans of Aragon.

source: Santi e Beati


Note: other sources name him Santiago. I don’t know which is right.  I don’t know where he was buried. I don’t know when he died. I would love to have more information.

Please join me in praying for the repose of his soul.





Blessed Recaredo Centelles Abad, October 25

October 25, 2009

Recaredo Centelles Abad

Blessed Recaredo Centelles Abad

-Nules, Spain, October 25, 1936

Born in Vall de Uxó, Castellón province and diocese of Tortosa. He died in Nules (Castellón) on 25 October 1936, at 33 years old. Ministries: Tarragona Seminar, College of San Jose de Tortosa and Rector of the Minor Seminary of Tortosa.

Source: Santopedia

Blessed Leonardo Olivera Buera, October 23

October 23, 2009

Blessed Leonardo Olivero Buera

Blessed Leonardo Olivera Buera, Priest and Martyr
Campo, Spain, March 6, 1889 – El Saler, Spain, October 23, 1936

Father Leonardo Olivera Buera was born in Campo, near Huesca, Spain, on March 6, 1889. He became a priest of the Diocese of Zagaroza and was chaplain of Our Lady of Mount Caramel School in Bonanova. The school was run by the Lasallians and at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, Father Leonardo went bravely to his martyrdom, together with these men. He was killed at El Saler, near Valencia, October 23, 1936. John Paul II Beatified him on March 11, 2001 together with 232 other victims of that persecution, the group collectively known as Blessed Spanish Martyrs of the Diocese of Valencia.

Roman Martyrology: In the place called El Saler near Valencia in Spain always, blessed Olivera Leonardo Buero, priest and martyr, who, during the same persecution against religion, in imitation of Christ’s Passion, responsibility for achieving the eternal reward.

Source: Santi e Beati

Blessed Stephen Raymond Bou Pascual, October 17

October 17, 2009

Blessed Stephen Raymond Bou Pascual, Priest and Martyr
October 17

Roman Martyrology: In the area of La Nucia near Alicante in Spain ever, blessed Stephen Raymond Bou Pascual, priest and martyr, who, during the same persecution as a faithful disciple, merited salvation in the blood of Christ.

He was Beatified on March 11, 2001 by Pope John Paul II, as one of 233 Blessed Spanish Martyrs of Valencia, victims of the Spanish Civil War

Source: Santi e Beati

Saint Innocenzo Canoura Arnau, October 9

October 9, 2009

Saint Innocenzo Canoura Arnau

Saint Innocenzo Canoura Arnau, Priest and Martyr
March 10, 1887 in St. Lucia del Valle de Oro (Lugo) Spain-Turon, Spain, October 9, 1934

Emanuele Canoura Arnau, born March 10, 1887 in St. Lucia del Valle de Oro (Lugo) Spain; as a teenager he felt the call to the religious state and at 18 became part of the Passionist Congregation, founded by St. Paul of the Cross in the eighteenth century, because since childhood he was devoted to the Virgin, he wanted to take the name of Innocent Immaculate, when he made his religious profession July 27, 1905.

He studied with great profit theology, philosophy and other ecclesiastical sciences, and was ordained September 20, 1913. Almost immediately he was committed by superiors to train new missionaries preaching, passion and, most of his life, went on to teach young students in the various Passionist Community of the Province of the Most Precious Blood of Madrid.

Being a member of the community of Mieres (Asturias), October 4, 1934 superiors demanded his willingness to admit pupils of the Brothers of Christian Schools in the nearby town of Turon. In that year there were the first signs of that great carnage, which was the Spanish Civil War, which devastated parts of the country from 1936 to 1939.

The victims of 7300 were more religious, but already in 1934 there was the Revolution of Asturias region of northern Spain, ranging from the Cantabrian Mountains to the Bay of Biscay, and 5 October 1934 the revolutionary atheists penetrated into the college of the Brothers of the Schools Christian Turon, capturing eight of the students and religious, the more the father Innocent Canoura Arnau, who arrived the day before to confess.

After several days of imprisonment and great hardship and suffering, in which the father Passionist, one priest, worked to comfort the others, almost all young, and without trial, were shot in hatred of the Faith, October 9, 1934 the cemetery of Turon.

The horror of their sacrifice innocent, not enough in there to two years to stop the great persecution against the Spanish Church.

Beatified by Pope John Paul II April 19, 1990, Canonized November 21, 1999.

Author: Antonio Borrelli

Source: Santi e Beati

Blessed Jose Canet Giner, October 4

October 4, 2009

Blessed Jose Canet Giner

Blessed Jose Canet Giner, Priest and Martyr
October 4

Roman Martyrology: Near the town of Gandia in the same territory in Spain, Blessed Jose Canet Giner, Priest and Martyr, who for his loyalty to Christ deserved to be associated with the sacrifice of the Savior. Read the rest of this entry »

Blessed Crescenzio Garcia Pobo, October 3

October 3, 2009

Blessed Crescenzio Garcia PoboBlessed Crescenzio Garcia Pobo, Priest and Martyr
April 15, 1903 Ccladas (Teruel)-October 3, 1936

Garcia Pobo, Crescenzo was born April 15 1903 Ccladas (Teruel), In 1927 he made his perpetual vows and was ordained a priest September 16 ,1928. He carried out the apostolate among children in various rehabilitative centers. Religious smiling, simple and humble, he distinguished himself for his generous dedication to youth in distress. He was with a group of eight who were surprised by the militia in the Reformatory S. Rita Madrid and locked in the manager. Aware of the imminence of death, a witness said: “We made a collective act of contrition, and we took each other absolution. There was a profound silence. ” Released through the intervention of the President of the juvenile court, they were again arrested and killed on dates and places of Madrid.

Roman Martyrology: At Madrid in Spain, blessed Crescenzo Pobo Garcia, a priest of the Third Order of St. Francis of the hooded Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin and Martyr, who, during the persecution against the faith, shed his blood for Christ.

He was Beatified as one of the Blessed Martyrs, Spanish Tertiary Capuchins, 19 Spanish members of the Congregation of Our Lady of Sorrows Capuchin Tertiary (or Amigoniani), founded by Venerable Louis Amigo y Rerrer, and a sister, also a Capuchin Tertiary, victims of religious persecution of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). The cause of canonization of these twenty religious Martyrs was conducted at the archidiocese of Valencia together with seven other cases relating to as many cases of the martyrdom of members of different religious orders and congregations. In 1993-94 was issued the decree of validity of the unified diocesan process of these causes, May 13, 1997 the Positio super martyrdom was delivered to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. These 20 religious Martyrs were Beatified as part of the 233 Blessed Spanish Martyrs of the Diocese of Valencia on March 11, 2001 by Pope John Paul II.

Author: Agripino Gonzalez

Santi e Beati

Blessed Crescenzio Garcia Pobo