San Mamete (Mamet), November 5

November 5, 2009


San Mamete (Mamet) Confessor
November 5, Auvergne (France), fourth century

His name appears in the “Life III” by Saint Austremonio, bishop of Clermont and first bishop of Auvergne, Massif Central region of France, probably written by St. Gregory of Tours and it classifies him as a companion evangelizer in Auvergne.

Langres (in French Mamet), had to be a priest and was appointed by Saint Austromoine and evangelize the region of the St-Flour. Even today, a village named after him, St-Mamet-le-Salvetat, in the district of Aurillac.

The relics of St. Mamete have disappeared long ago, there is also the doubt that has ever been preserved, not to mention the loss of the relics of many saints at the time of the French Revolution.

His feast day is November 5 in commemoration of all saints of Auvergne, and 17 August in the diocese of St-Flour.

He is the only saint with this name report published in the “Bibliotheca Sanctorum”, and he is not mentioned by the ‘Roman Martyrology’, which instead celebrates November 1 Saint Austromoine with whom he was a partner in evangelizing the Auvergne in the early fourth century.

Author: Antonio Borrelli

Source: Santi e Beati

St. John Mary Vianney, August 4, the 150th Anniversary of his Passing

August 4, 2009

Saint John VianneySt John Vianney

Dardilly, near Lyons, France, May 8, 1786-Ars, 4 August, 1859

Please note that today is one of the days in which the faithful may potentially earn a plenary indulgence .

In 1806, the curé at Ecully, M. Balley, opened a school for ecclesiastical students, and Jean-Marie was sent to him. Though he was of average intelligence and his masters never seem to have doubted his vocation, his knowledge was extremely limited, being confined to a little arithmetic, history, and geography, and he found learning, especially the study of Latin, excessively difficult. One of his fellow-students, Matthias Loras, afterwards first Bishop of Dubuque, assisted him with his Latin lessons. Read the rest of this entry »


April 30, 2009



I for one am glad that CDs and Ipods etc. have taken over from records for personal music entertainment. There are songs that to this day when I hear them I tense up waiting for that part of the song that has been seared into my mind as having a skip that used to plague the records I had when I was very small.

“Does your chewing gum lose its flavor
on the bedpost over night?
And you mother says, “Don’t chew it,”
Do swallow it, (click) Do you swallow it, (click) Do you swallow it”
“in spite.”

Sometimes people come into the confessional and say, “Father, it’s the Read the rest of this entry »


April 3, 2009

Indulgences becoming more widely publicized these days; both plenary and partial indulgences are available, so long as one meets the requirements; in addition to performing the indulgenced act, one must do the following:

  1. Sacramental Confession,
  2. Communion, and
  3. Prayer for the intention of the Holy Father, all to be performed within days of each other if not at the same time

One must also be detached from all sin, even venial sin.

Some indulgences are always available, such as the Plenary indulgence for Eucharistic Adoration (for at least one half hour, partial indulgence granted for a shorter time), some are for limited periods such as an Indulgence for the Souls in Purgatory for visiting a cemetery with devotion and praying for the dead on All Soul’s Day or a week thereafter; Nov. 1-8.

Several churches in my Archdiocese, including the Cathedral, have been declared Pilgrimage Sites for the remainder of the Pauline Year which entails the above-listed requirements plus making a  pious visit to one of the designated Pilgrimage Sites and the participation in a religious function or pious public exercise of devotion in honor of the Apostle Paul while visiting the site.

My normal place of worship is a Pilgrimage site so my biggest requirement is to detach myself from sin;  I confess regularly, receive communion regularly and pray a rosary for the intentions of the Holy Father every day.

Indulgences may be applied to oneself or to the dead. Only one Plenary Indulgence may be earned a day but multiple Partial Indulgences may be earned.

Brush Up On: Rosary, Confession, Act Of Contrition

April 1, 2009

What is Wrong with Post Modern Religion in 2 minutes 39 seconds

August 15, 2008

“I think it is up for each one of us to interpret what God wants.”

Post modernism is the direct fruit of Sola Scriptura, by which everyone can just come up with their own interpretation of revelation.

Prelate: “Privatized” Religion Leads To Less Confession

April 9, 2008

Filed under “things I have been saying to myself for years“:

Prelate: “Privatized” Religion Leads to Less Confession

Says Priests Busy Lives Also Plays a Role

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, APRIL 8, 2008 ( Fewer people avail of the sacrament of reconciliation because of an increased tendency to “privatize” the faith, contended a bishop of Uruguay. Read the rest of this entry »