4 Theories on the Date of Christmas

December 2, 2008


Contrary to the popular belief that Christmas was set on Dec. 25 simply to rival a pagan feast, there are at least 4 theories explaining the date from a Christian perspective.  All of them may be true.

Theory 1: Day of Creation and the Conception of Jesus.

David Bennett at Per Christum has an excellent article beginning with this explanation:

The main reason early Christians chose December 25th for the date of Christmas relates to the date of the creation of the world. Jewish thought had placed the date of creation on March 25th, and it was early Christian writer Sextus Julius Africanus who suggested that Christ became incarnate on that date (it makes great symbolic sense!).

According to Sextus Julius, since Christ became incarnate from the moment of his conception, this means that, after 9 months in the Virgin Mary’s womb, Jesus was born on December 25. While the scope of Julius’ influence is unknown, nonetheless, we encounter a Jewish reason why the date of December 25th was chosen for the birth date of Jesus. Read the rest of this entry »

April 3: Blessed José Luciano Ezequiel Huerta Gutiérrez, Father Of Ten, Brother Of Two Priests, Martyr Of Mexico

April 3, 2008


Blessed José Luciano Ezequiel Huerta Gutiérrez

April 1: Blessed Anacleto González Flores, Martyr Of Mexico

April 1, 2008


Blessed Anacleto González Flores, 1888-1927

Blessed Anacleto, pray for us!

March 31: Blessed Natalia Tułasiewicz, New Martyr Of Poland

March 31, 2008


Blessed Natalia Tułasiewicz, 1906-1945

“A teacher from Poznan & a leader in the apostolate of lay people. During the occupation, she volunteered to leave for the Third Reich together with of ther women condemned to do heavy work in order to give them spiritual comfort. When the Gestapo found out, she was arrested, tortured and humiliated in public and was condemned to death in the Rawensbruck camp. On Good Friday, with the strength that was still in her, she climbed a stool in the hut and gave a talk to the prisoners on the passion and resurrection of Jesus. Two days later, they brought her to die in a gas-chamber.”

February 29: Pope Saint Hilary I

February 29, 2008

Pope Saint Hilary I
reigned 461-468 – successor to St Leo the Great