Perpetual Virginity of Mary

3 Responses to Perpetual Virginity of Mary

  1. howard says:

    Where in Scripture does it teach Mary was a perpetual virgin?
    We can say the bothers of our Lord were from another marriage of Josephs,but can this be proven in Scripture?
    John 7:1-9;Matt.13 :55-56;Mk.6:3.

    • tom says:

      The bible does not teach. It is the church through the apostles and their successors who teach about the truth of the christian faith. False teachers also teach. And they teach falsehood mixed with truth.Thats why many are deceive.

  2. bfhu says:

    Dear Howard,
    No it cannot be proven from scripture but by historical proof. It does not need to be proven by scripture. Sola scriptura is a Protestant tradition. It is not a Catholic doctrine. And it is not even in the Bible.

    All Christians believed in Mary’s perpetual virginity up to and including Luther and Calvin. So who decided all on their own authority that Mary had other children?

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