Blessed Jan Beyzym, October 2

Blessed Jan BezymBlessed Jan Beyzym

Beyzymy Wielkie, Volhynia, 15 May 1850 – Marana, Madagascar, October 2, 1912

The Servant of God Father John Beyzym was born in Beyzymy Wielkie in Volhynia May 15, 1850.  After finishing high school in Kiev, he entered the novitiate of the Jesuits in Stara Wieś near Brzozów.  Received Holy Orders in Krakow from the hands of Bishop Albin Dunajewski in 1881. For many years he was an educator and patron of young people in the colleges of the Society of Christ in Tarnopol and Chyrow.

At 48, with the consent of his superiors, he left for Madagascar for the ‘service to the lepers. All his strength, all his talents and his whole heart he donated them to the sick abandoned, hungry and marginalized by society. It was agreed between them, to be with them day and night.On the island he created a Red pioneer, who made him the forerunner of today’s care of lepers.  Mainly from donations collected by his countrymen at home and expats, outside of it, he built a hospital in Marana for 150 sick, to heal and to restore their hope. This hospital still exists today and is headed to Our Lady of Czestochowa.

Beyzym died October 2, 1912, surrounded by a halo of heroism and holiness. Death did not allow him to realize his hidden desire to go to Sakhalin, to do missionary work among the convicts.

The life of the Servant of leprosy, “was characterized by a living faith and a sense of justice, a filial love towards the Mother of God, the apostolic zeal for the salvation of men and the Samaritan care for the poorest of the poor.  Evangelization went hand in hand with the guarantee of fundamental rights of the human person, between them, also the conditions of life worthy of man and a child of God

Source: The Holy See

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