Because your kiss is on my list…: Catholic/Orthodox Dialogue

Things appear to be on schedule for a return to Communion with the East by 2054.

Catholics out there, get used to the world “Protos.”

From Chiesa:

The dialogue remained frozen until, in 2005, the German Joseph Ratzinger ascended to the throne of Peter, a pope highly appreciated in the East for the same reason he prompts criticisms in the West: for his attachment to the great Tradition.

First in Belgrade in 2006, and then in Ravenna in 2007, the international mixed commission for theological dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches started meeting again.

And what rose to the top of the discussion was precisely the question that most divides East and West: the primacy of the successor of Peter in the universal Church.

From the session in Ravenna emerged the document that marked the shift, dedicated to “conciliarity and authority” in the ecclesial communion.

The document of Ravenna, approved unanimously by both sides, affirms that “primacy and conciliarity are mutually interdependent.” And in paragraph 41, it highlights the points of agreement and disagreement:

“Both sides agree that . . . that Rome, as the Church that ‘presides in love’ according to the phrase of St Ignatius of Antioch, occupied the first place in the taxis, and that the bishop of Rome was therefore the protos among the patriarchs. They disagree, however, on the interpretation of the historical evidence from this era regarding the prerogatives of the bishop of Rome as protos, a matter that was already understood in different ways in the first millennium.”

“Protos” is the Greek word that means “first.” And “taxis” is the structure of the universal Church.

Since then, the discussion on controversial points has advanced at an accelerated pace. And it has started to examine, above all, how the Churches of East and West interpreted the role of the bishop of Rome during the first millennium, when they were still united.

9 Responses to Because your kiss is on my list…: Catholic/Orthodox Dialogue

  1. From your lips to God’s ear–but maybe a wee bit sooner than 44 years?


  2. Stephen says:

    2054? I’m 25 and hope to be alive to see it happen. I feel unity would accelerate at an even faster pace should they unite the two dates of Easter,Jesus tells us through Vassula somewhere in her messages that all heaven is in black and mourning every year it comes around because of our seperation on the dates of easter, this Division of ours is our greatest sin in these last days.

    Xristos annesti Alithos annesti/Christus ascenduit vere ascenduit I pray to hear these words on the day they unite the dates of easter.
    Stephen <3

  3. Fr. J. says:

    Fr. Gregory. I agree.

    Stephen, I am no expert on the matter, but I do recall that there were attempts in the 90’s to have a common Easter celebration by 2000, but they collapsed because there was fear this could cause further divisions among the Orthodox. As I recall, one plan considered having Easter always on the second Sunday in April. That would do away with the present archaic reckoning which is semi lunar and semi solar. But, it would require that we all at least would be using the same calendar, which we still are not.

  4. Stephen says:

    Thanks for the response Fr.J, I’m no expert on the matter either, and if I were to give a lay persons response, I would suggest that the only way we will unite the dates of Easter, is that if we both bend in humility and understand that out of the Lunar and semi Lunar, one must be picked, but in order for one of them to be picked, one of us must bend in humility to do so. It is possible that, at the present moment, both stand in pride and are considering what it is they want and not what it is God wants, and I’d possibly say that God just wants the dates united regardless of which is chosen such as Lunar and semi solar, but as Saint Paul says who can know the mind of the Lord? His ways are not our ways. Progress is not made through words and talking about it, whilst deep inside that pride speaks to us in terms of ”its either my date or ELSE!!!” but its done through humility, and should the Catholic Church do this, I believe she’d be doing God a great service.

    I hope I have not spoken to much as I tend to ramble every now and then.

    God bless and take care

  5. Fr. J. says:

    We have been separated for so long that each tradition’s differences can be called ancient and therefore noble in some way. But, whatever the reckoning method for the Easter date, there will be a degree of arbitrariness because we cannot know with certainty the actual historic dates of the events we celebrate.

    Understanding the various methods as arbitrary means toward a common good end may help us all to let go.

    In the end, though, many of these squabbles are mere symptoms of the greater issues that divide us and for which we need to seek an enduring and profound reconciliation. I pray that this is what is now happening in these very substantive meetings.

    Still, it will take generations. It’s been 40+ years since Vat. II. It may take another 40 to get us from here to where we need to be. And, in the next 40 years the situation of the Churches is bound to change far more dramatically than they have since the 60’s.

    So, I’m still holding out for 2054. I will be 89 then and hope to live to see it.

  6. Stephen says:

    Great response Fr.J thank you for taking the time to do so. I have heard that Jesus told Vassula that the Orthodox have the correct date, although I cant be certain its just something I recall from her messages.

    I feel therefore strongly that Our Catholic church should bow down and accept that date, but thats just my little private opinion, God will unite us, for his ways are not our ways.

    I hope to live to see it too, but when one thinks about it, if we dont live to see it, where best to sit and see it but from heaven? :D

    God bless and take care
    Yours in TLIG

  7. Stateman26 says:

    Accept the Orthodox date and be done with it.

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