Saints Abraham and Coren, December 20

Saints Abraham and Coren Confessors
December 20

Abraham and Coren were disciples of the holy bishops Joseph, Isaac, and Leander, Armenian priests who were married and had the cure of souls. When in 450 the king of Persia, the Armenians Iezdegerd II sent a decree ordering the mazdeismo to accept as religion, the clergy and principles of Armenians gathered at the synod of Artashat, responded strongly that they preferred death rather than renounce their Christian faith. At this synod was attended by Abraham and Coren. The following year (451) the king sent his army to impose by force what had been unable to achieve with the threats, but the Armenian people under the leadership of her principles fought bravely, and the clergy to support and encourage the soldiers in tough fight. The war marked a defeat for the Armenians, many of whom gained the palm of martyrdom, while others were taken prisoner. Among the latter were also Abraham and Coren, who together with their teachers Joseph, Isaac, and Leander, were thrown into prison for three years in the city of Nisapur, north-east of Persia.

The bishops were put to death since they were held responsible for the rebellion against the king, while their disciples Abraham and Coren, asked to renounce their faith in favor of the worship of the sun was proposed to be set free. They refused, and so the judge ordered them Tamsapur dragged on the ground and then cut off their ears, then sent them to forced labor in Mesopotamia in the lands of the king. Here they lavished help and console the survivors of the Armenian prisoners of war 451. After seven years of hard work, in 461, Coren died after a sunstroke confessing his faith, while Abraham continued for two years to endure life in exile, until he was released in 463 and was able to return home. Here, however, because the people honored him as a confessor, he retired to devote himself to life in solitude cenobitic. After three years, however, the fame of his angelic life attracted even more attention to the people, which forced him to accept the consecration of bishops. He was, in fact, Bishop of Bznunik for some years and died with a reputation for holiness. The feast of the two holy confessors is celebrated on 20 December.

Author: Paolo Ananian

Source: Santi e Beati


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