St. Malachi, December 18

St. Malachi Prophet
December 18
Sofa, Palestine, ca. 519 to 425 BC

The book of the prophet Malachi closes in the Old Testament, the series of minor prophets. Emblematic of the fact that the last verses speak of a messenger of God sent to restore the proper relationship between God and his people. A messianic prophecy that comes in the heart of Israel’s history but is not limited to the context in which it originated. Malachi operates several decades after the reconstruction of the temple, which had occurred around 520 BC, after his return from exile. In this period had already prophesied to look ahead and pushed the prophets Haggai and Zechariah. But the restoration of temple ritual is often emptied of its true soul: the celebration of God’s work in history. Malachi’s voice rises to denounce indifference and externality, remoteness from the Lord and injustice. The solution proposed by the Holy Prophet is that of a preparatory meeting with the Lord. A message that resonates particularly appropriate at this time of Advent.

Source: Santi e Beati


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