Saint Pompey of Pavia, December 14

Saint Pompey Bishop of Pavia
December 14

Roman Martyrology: At Pavia, Saint Pompey, bishop, who, successor to the San Siro after a few peaceful years passed and the Lord.

Five days ago, speaking of San Siro, first bishop of Pavia and fabulous evangelist for much of the valley of the mighty Po. In the work of throwing the net of the fisherman of men on the flat and fertile land stretched as far as d ‘ eye around the towers and steeples of Pavia, he had as collaborator San Pompeo.

San Pompeo happened at San Siro when these – do not know what year, even in which century – rest in well deserved glory. There would be no reason to add more about this saint, second bishop of the list of pastors that tradition assigns to Pavia. Also because, on account of San Pompey, we know very little, not to say almost nothing. We use the life of the San Siro, to know that the episcopate of Pompey was short and peaceful. Nothing.

He was succeeded by Bishop St. Giovenzio while San Pompey would have been buried, to San Siro, in the church of Saints Gervasio and Protasio that would be a kind of challenge in masonry of the faithful of the faithful in Pavia in Milan, the devotees San Siro against the “fans” of Sant’Ambrogio.

Those poor and precarious news, there was no need to spend the day in San Pompey – and I would not be decreased by no means the true and great glories of the city of Pavia. If we did that, it is because, for better or worse, he is the most famous of the few saints who bear the name of Pompey. Name glorious and famous, as is well known for having appointed the great leader and politician of ancient Rome, first mate and then opponent of Julius Caesar, who, it is said, wept when he was made head of the brave antagonist, severed treacherously, by order of the Egyptian King Ptolemy XII, brother and husband of Cleopatra.

There is no doubt that the spread of the name of Pompey is due, not to the devotion of a saint, but the memory of the ancient Roman commander.

He is proud of the decision which dismissed the remains of the party of Mario, the decisiveness with which restored order in Spain, the ruthlessness with which destroyed the last band of rebel slaves of Spartacus;

the suddenness with which the pirates released the Adriatic, the skill with which war in Asia Minor and in Pontus, beating King Mithridates. Finally, the tenacity with which disputes to Caesar, in the unfortunate civil war, the absolute dominion, that the imperium of the Roman world.

Feats of arms, businesses destructive bloodshed. The glory of the leaders is always based on these elements, which cast a shadow over their bloody merits, great as they are in front of impassive and almost inhuman court of history.

Saints, however, even when they know almost nothing, as in the case of San Pompey, one thing you can be sure: that we remember them for having them done, and certainly only, works fine.

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