Atheists or Anti-Christians, you decide

I was a bit perplexed at the self-characterization as atheists of a group of people who celebrate the Winter Solstice; Solstices have long been celebrated by polytheistic pagan groups.

It seems odd not to admit pagan tendencies; rejecting Christmas and instead celebrating a traditional polytheistic day of worship does not an atheist make.

I guess they just don’t want to admit that they’re anti-Christians when all is said and done; atheist implies that they reject god in all forms, not just the Christian God. Celebrating the Solstice implies they find polytheistic worship acceptable.


3 Responses to Atheists or Anti-Christians, you decide

  1. Alpha-Omega says:

    Appearently jesus was born around April.
    The Only reason why christmas is on the date it is,
    was because it was originally intended to be part of
    the winter solsice celebrations.
    Alot of Chrisian aspects werebased around polytheistic (or “pagan”) religions around at the time.

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