Blessed Dionysius of the Nativity (Peter Berthelot, Priest) and Redemptus Cross (Thomas Rodriguez) Martyrs, November 29

Blessed Dionysius  of the Nativity (Peter Berthelot) and Redemptus Cross (Thomas Rodriguez) Martyrs

December 12, 1600, Honfleur, France – November 29, 1638, Aachen Ca. 1598, Portugal – November 29, 1638, Aachen

Dionysius was born in Honfleur in France December 12, 1600. Cosmographer and captain of ships of the kings of France and Portugal, in 1635 he became a Discalced Carmelite in Goa, where in 1615 he professed as a “talk” Thomas also Rodriguez de Cunha (born 1598), Portuguese, taking the name of the Cross, Redeemed . Mandates on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, November 29, 1638 crowned with martyrdom, near the city of Aachen, their faith in Christ, witnessed steadfastly to the end. They were beatified by Pope Leo XIII June 10, 1900.

Roman Martyrology: In Aceh on Sumatra, martyrs Dionysius of the Nativity (Peter) Berthelot, priest, and Redeemed through the Cross (Thomas) Rodriguez, Discalced Carmelites, who were first enslaved by the Mohammedans, and finally killed on the seashore with arrows and an ax.

Dionysius of the Nativity (Peter Berthelot) and Redeemed from the Cross (Thomas Rodriguez), Blessed, Martyrs.

Peter Berthelot was born in Honfleur (Calvados, France) on 12 December 1600 and young took to surf, traveling to Spain, England, America. In 1619 he went to India, where he became cosmographer and chief pilot of the kings of France and Portugal, is known for value and talent, as evidenced by its Tabulae maritimae delineated with consummate skill, still preserved in the British Museum. In 1635, finding in Goa, on the advice of his spiritual director, Fr Philip of Trinity, he entered the Carmelites Discalced, where he professed December 25, 1636 under the name of Dionysius of the Nativity and was ordained a priest on August 24, 1638. Whether a novice or after the occupation, according to the testimony of the same p. Philip, he was an example of virtue to all religious, was elevated to divine contemplation and not infrequently, during the prayer, he appeared surrounded by the splendors of heaven. In 1638, the Viceroy Pietro da Silva sent the Sultan of achenes (Sumatra), Ambassador Francis de Souza de Castro, who decided to use him as a spiritual guide and Dionysius as an expert on the sea and the Malay language. He took as his companion Thomas Rodriguez, who, born about 1598 in Portugal, had entered as conversation in the same order, with the name of R. Cross.

The two left the legation Goa September 25, 1638, and after eventful navigation, arrived October 25 in Aachen, where they were soon taken prisoner. Dionysius, his brother, conversely, more than others because he was tormented and they tried to persuade him to leave the Catholic faith and become a Muslim. In prison, deprived of the need for charity towards others who argued with the word, the help and example. After being sentenced to death, redeemed died among the first, while Dionysius endured martyrdom for last, to his desire, in order to comfort the others were killed with a sword, which split into two head, 29 November 1638. Beatified by Pope Leo XIII June 10, 1900, their feast is celebrated in the Order of Discalced Carmelites on November 29.

Author: St. Valentine Maria

source: Santi e Beati

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