Blessed Michael Augustin Pro, November 23

Blessed Miguel Augustin Pro Jesuit Martyr
November 23
Guadeloupe, January 13, 1891 – Mexico City, November 23, 1927

Born in Guadeloupe in 1891, he entered the Society of Jesus in 1911, after two of his sisters had taken the veil. He studied in Nicaragua, Spain and Belgium, where he was ordained a priest in 1925. Back in Mexico, he carried out his mission in a period of persecution against the Church. In 1927 he was wrongly accused of being part of a plot to kill a general candidate for president. After a farcical trial, he was shot. To his funeral, defying prohibitions, rushed 20 thousand people. He was beatified on September 25, 1988 by Pope John Paul II, together with other Mexican Martyrs of Persecution.

Roman Martyrology: In the village of Guadalupe in the territory of Zacatecas in Mexico, blessed Michael Augustin Pro, the Jesuit Priest and Martyr, who, in times of persecution against the Church, was condemned to death without trial as an accomplice to a crime, suffered martyrdom he craved.

The father, who besides being a good Christian was also a mining engineer, not the breed as a child in cotton wool and take it with them to visit the mines, because they could see how hard life of those workers. So the child grows and refines its sensitivity with a particular concern for social issues in general that his decision at 20 to join the Society of Jesus, because a priest can be closer to those in need and to preach the gospel of Christ trying to combine charity and justice. Born in 1891, in Guadalupe, a land of Maria, a novice cleric and studied and matured his calling – as well as in Mexico – even in Nicaragua, Spain and Belgium, and here he was ordained a priest in 1925. Back in his Mexico the following year, right in the middle of the bloody persecution which is the Church. So much to do to support the persecuted Catholics, helping the poor, to bring its assistance to the sick and dying. He did this with his post of optimism and vitality and also with a good dose of courage, using disguises more or less serious that allow him to evade police checks and carry out his priestly work underground, secretly celebrating the ‘The Eucharist and the preaching of hidden spiritual exercises.

It is estimated that in one day he was able to distribute Communion to 1500. In the company of his guitar and making help from his jokes and his inimitable mimic, he tried to raise morale and support of everyone he meets. This priest, who seemed to have optimism for sale, actually passed in the crucible of pain and depression because of persecution, suffering who are suffering his people and his family, problems that are giving his poor health. The secret to overcome this and to be of help to others, nevertheless, he found union with Jesus, because he discovered that there is a more rapid and effective way to live intensely united to Jesus that the Holy Mass. Constantly monitored by police, he as eventually arrested on false charges of having participated in the attack against a general.

After a farcical trial and in violation of the most basic human rights he was shot in Mexico City November 23, 1927: he was only 36 and a priest for two eyars, but so intense and joyful to be worth a lifetime. He died with the crucifix in one hand and rosary in the other, exclaiming, “Long live Christ the King,” so that a soldier from the firing squad, as the centurion at the foot of the cross, escape to say: And so that he died righteous. His funeral, defying the police and prohibitions of the authorities, was attended by 20 thousand people, grateful for what he received and assured that he is a martyr of Christ. The same opinion is also the Church, which the mouth of John Paul II September 25, 1988 beatified Father Michael Augustin Pro

Author: Gianpiero Pettiti

source: Santi e Beati



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