St. Peter Ramirez Esqueda, November 22

St. Peter Ramirez Esqueda, Priest and Martyr
San Juan de los Lagos, Mexico, April 29, 1887 – Teocaltitlán, Mexico, November 22, 1927

He was born in Mexico in San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco (Diocese de San Juan de los Lagos) April 29, 1887. As a priest he devoted himself with special care and passion to the catechesis of children. He founded various centers of study and a school for the catechetical formation. When he was in prison he was beaten so severely that a wound opened on his face. A soldier, after hitting him, said, “Now you will be sorry that you are a priest.” But Father Pedro answered, “No, not even a moment, and I miss just watching the sky.” On November 22, 1927 they pulled him out of jail for justice, children surrounded him and father Esqueda repeated insistently: “Do not neglect to study the catechism, nor any reason to leave out the Christian doctrine.” They three shots were fired. He is remembered along with the Mexican saints and martyrs of the twentieth century.

Roman Martyrology: In the city of Teocaltitlán in Mexico, St. Peter Esqueda Ramírez, Priest and Martyr, who, during the persecution in Mexico was thrown into prison for his priesthood, and finally shot.

The 25 Mexican Martyred Saints (Christopher Magallanes Jara and 24 fellows), by the will of John Paul II, immediately after Canonization, were placed in the Roman Calendar on May 21 as an optional memorial. The Martyrologium Romanum commemorates each Saint and Blessed separately, each on the anniversary of martyrdom.

source: Santi e Beati


5 Responses to St. Peter Ramirez Esqueda, November 22

  1. Russ Powell says:

    I heard the story of Fr Pedro’life translated to English from a Spanish language booklette which I received when I visited his church (Chapel) when I visited San Juan de los Lagos.I would like to have an English translation if possible.
    Russ Powell

    • marie says:

      I can try to translate. He is a relative of mine. My grandma attended his canonization in Rome in 2000.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Marie,
        My name is Carlos Xavier Esqueda, I live in California.
        During my family history I came apon St Pedro Esqueda, my intrest in him is that my Great Great Grandfather was Tomas Esqueda and my Great Great Grandmother was Gertrudis Ramires. So you can see my interest.
        My E-Mail is
        Would love to heat from you.

  2. funkymonkey56 says:

    Blessed Miguel Pro was executed on November 23, 1927 in Mexico.

  3. Anonymous says:


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