Blessed Henryk Hlebowicz, November 9

Blessed Henryk Hlebowicz, Priest and Martyr
Grond, Poland, June 1, 1904 – Borysów, Poland, November 9, 1941

Blessed Henryk Hlebowicz, Polish Diocesan Priest, was born in Grondo on June 1, 1904, died in Borysów November 9, 1941. He was Beatified by Pope John Paul II in Warsaw (Poland) June 13, 1999, together with 107 other Polish martyrs.

Roman Martyrology: In the town of Borysów in Poland, blessed Henry Hlebowicz, Priest and Martyr, shot during the war in hatred of the faith.

Source: Santi e Beati



One Response to Blessed Henryk Hlebowicz, November 9

  1. servusDei says:

    He wasn’t Polish, he was Belarusian (Hlebowicz is a Belurusian surname). Grodno and Borisow are Belorussian cities, but during II WW they were parts of Polish Republic

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