Blessed Vincenzo Grossi, November 7

Blessed Vincenzo Grossi

Blessed Vincenzo Grossi, Priest
Pizzighettone, Cremona, March 9, 1845 – November 7, 1917

Blessed Vincent Grossi was born March 9, 1845 in Pizzighettone (CR): next to last of seven brothers. In 1866 he entered the seminary of Cremona and was ordained May 22, 1869. First he was commissioned to curate in several parishes, then a parish priest in 1873 and in 1883 he went to Regona Vicobellignano.

He had… for all the illustrious example of poverty, a spirit of self-denial, austere life, totally subservient obedience to the Pope and his bishop. So with gentleness, combined with a usual good humor and geniality – which recommended warmly to his sisters – are easily won over the confidence of many to win for Jesus Christ.

In 1885 he founded the Institute of the Daughters of the Oratory, giving rules in the spirit of St. Philip Blacks and the charisma of the Christian education of youth. He died November 7, 1917, when we celebrate the liturgical memorial.

Roman Martyrology: At Cremona, blessed Vincent Grossi, a priest, who, while waiting in his office of parish priest, founded the Institute of the Daughters of the Oratory.

Blessed Father Vincenzo Grossi was born in Pizzighettone (Cremona) March 9, 1845. Was baptized the same day of birth. From Mother learned to live by faith and prayer, while the father’s commitment and seriousness in the work.

He soon wanted to join the seminary, but the father – even for family – he wanted to try the vocation of the child. Only at age 19 he could fulfill his wish.

Don Vincenzo celebrated his first Mass in the cathedral of Cremona May 22, 1869.

The Mass would always be the center of his life: it drew light and strength for him and for his apostolate. He will say to his sisters: “The priest is obliged to express here the life of Jesus into heaven, and Augusta to continue that life here on earth that Jesus would have led, had it been the will of the Father who ever lived on earth.”

After losing his father, his mother stood beside him for some time, speaking with her secret charity to pay off parish debts of her son. In 1872 he became spiritual economy Ca ‘de Soresini. The following year he was put in his first parish Rule. For the faithful, especially to children and young people not only opened his heart, but also his home.

Reorganized the Church, arranged a systematic catechesis, was magnanimous in charity towards all. Rule became “the convent of the diocese.”

His constant concern was the youth. He was happy to be around so many young people. Even the Daughters of the Oratory teach youth to love a lot: in fact the vote to his Christian upbringing. Its line ministry can be summed up in a thought he gave a sermon Sunday: “our heart, when it is full of love of God, does not know what to do with the other loves. Understand? Work, then!”.

The insistence of the bishop made him accept Bonomelli December 28, 1882 the parish of Vicobellignano, where he stayed for 34 years. The parish was in strong discomfort for the work of Protestants. The bishop, in fact, wrote, “that parish and in general those parts demand zealous pastors, nonprofit, copies of great charity, to the greatest prudence and educated: these qualities in you and I will see much evidence I am sure I do not deceive me … I hope that in 10 years that parish and you will raise the error disappear. ”

He was a prophet. With intense prayer and generous dedication, Blessed Vincenzo turned the country into a true spiritual community: he was a zealous pastor, the leader of their flock by word and example.
Don Vincenzo was man of many books, but rather of profound study. Had often to read and write. He prepared all his sermons diligently for the people and later the lessons to his sisters. His preaching was the result of prayer and meditation.

His daily Mass was preceded by long preparation. The celebration was simple, orderly, profoundly original in words and gestures. His soul was all stretched to the Lord.

He was often requested by the priests of the diocese and beyond, where he wore as a preacher of the “mission to the people.” He had special needs, he had only a poor bag, with the breviary el’orologio a peasant.

In 1885 he founded the first community of the Daughters of the Oratory for young girls. He wrote the rules on his knees before the tabernacle. Blessed with the sisters not to say that stand in holiness and joy will entrust them as patron S. Philip Blacks, the saint of spiritual joy.

He died November 7, 1917, uttering the words: “the way is open: we must go.” A few days earlier, to the Mistress of Novices, he said: “Try not to complain ever, even try to rejoice when things go contrary to your desires.” His death, serene and totally available to God, he closed an exemplary life and generous.

On November 1975 Paul VI beatified him as an example to all the priests and pastors throughout the world. His relics rest at the Mother House of Lodi.

Author: Giuseppe Messina

Source: Santi e Beati


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