San Mamete (Mamet), November 5


San Mamete (Mamet) Confessor
November 5, Auvergne (France), fourth century

His name appears in the “Life III” by Saint Austremonio, bishop of Clermont and first bishop of Auvergne, Massif Central region of France, probably written by St. Gregory of Tours and it classifies him as a companion evangelizer in Auvergne.

Langres (in French Mamet), had to be a priest and was appointed by Saint Austromoine and evangelize the region of the St-Flour. Even today, a village named after him, St-Mamet-le-Salvetat, in the district of Aurillac.

The relics of St. Mamete have disappeared long ago, there is also the doubt that has ever been preserved, not to mention the loss of the relics of many saints at the time of the French Revolution.

His feast day is November 5 in commemoration of all saints of Auvergne, and 17 August in the diocese of St-Flour.

He is the only saint with this name report published in the “Bibliotheca Sanctorum”, and he is not mentioned by the ‘Roman Martyrology’, which instead celebrates November 1 Saint Austromoine with whom he was a partner in evangelizing the Auvergne in the early fourth century.

Author: Antonio Borrelli

Source: Santi e Beati


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