Earning Salvation

From a comment on Where is Purgatory in Scripture
Rob: I think that the catholic church is a great force of good in the world and a voice for Jesus Christ.


Rob: That being said, I must say the above mentioned interpretations for the biblical passages are pretty weak to say the least.

BFHU:That is probably the same thing a Jehovah’s Witness would would say to both of us when we tried to show the Trinity in Scripture. And just like the word Trinity and incarnation are not in scripture because those concepts are theological words used to express a concept contained in scripture but not stated explicitly.

The doctrine of the Trinity, Incarnation, Purgatory, etc were taught for decades before one word of the New Testament was written down. We call all of this teaching from the Apostles–TRADITION with a capital T as opposed to mere human traditions. Purgatory or a purification was believed by the Jews and received from them into the Catholic Christian Faith founded by Jesus.

The Chrisitan Faith was never suposed to be based on Scripture alone but because Protestants will not accept the writings of the Church Fathers from the earliest Church History we offer you what there is in Scripture. The passages we use to try to show our beliefs in scripture presuppose unwritten teaching that was oral.

Rob: Thank God Jesus Christ paid in full the price for my sins and didn’t finish the job half done.

BFHU: He finished the job He came to do. But God, as historical precedent shows likes to have man do his part.

Rob: Let the glory be to God who redeemed us through the sacrifice of his son and not by some deed where we can claim that “we earned” our right into heaven.

BFHU:Protestant always say and think that we think we have to earn our salvation. That is wrong. Jesus saves us. We suffer in order to be completely purified. And since there is nothing really enjoyable about suffering, after all it is suffering, we don’t feel proud about it. We rejoice to be completely purified bit by bit but it just does not lead to pride at all.


3 Responses to Earning Salvation

  1. Constantine says:


    Could you please give me an example of the teaching of Purgatory before “the New Testament was written down”? I’d be very interested to see that.

    Thanks for the help.

  2. Constantine says:


    Do you have any evidence that “Protestants will not accept the writings of the Church Fathers from the earliest Church History”? I’ve read a lot of Protestant writings and they seem, by and large, to all use the Early Church Fathers.

    Just curious.

  3. polycarp says:

    That’s such a ignorant statement. Protestants accept the writings of the early church fathers in their context. However, in respect to whether accepting as ‘inspired’ word of God on par with Old and New Testaments, the answer is “no.”

    On the flip side, Catholic not only “accept” the church fathers’ writings, but also their so-called ‘traditions’ the “machabees,” their ecumenical councils etc and etc.

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