Albania wants Mother Teresa’s Bones

It’s reported that Albania has told India that it wants the Relics of Mother Teresa and India says, “hell no!”. While Mother Teresa was a resident and citizen of India, she had two passports; an Indian Diplomatic Passport and one from that tiny little place called The Holy See. She was raised in Skopje, Macedonia, when it was still part of Yugoslavia, though her family was Albanian and she initially traveled on an Albanian passport. Her Albanian passport was revoked under Communist rule; now that Communism has passed, Albania wants her relics on their shores to bury her with her mother and sister.

Mother Teresa left her home at age 18 and went to Ireland to join her first order which then sent her to India. All my life she worked in the slums of Calcutta, helping the poorest of the poor, in whom she saw Jesus. She died at age 85, so it had been nearly 7 decades since she had lived in Albania. During her lifetime, she received many awards, including the now-diminished Nobel Peace Prize and was directed by her spouse, Jesus, to work with the poor in Calcutta. It makes no sense to remove her from her home.

In any case, the country doesn’t have decision-making power here; it’s the Missionaries of Charity who decide. Do you really think they’ll let their founder go to a country that sees tourism dollars in her presence? Pilgrims come to her burial place to venerate her. Her Cause for Canonization is still underway. There’s absolutely no way that her relics will be translated, especially not before her 100th anniversary.

A larger problem with translation to Albania or perhaps to Macedonia is that the church needs to control relics in order to ensure they’re properly venerated and respected. Merely burying her in the cemetery where her sister and mother lie isn’t enough; is it a Catholic cemetery? Is it in a secure location?

Do you see St. Damien’s country of origin asking for his relics to be returned? Perhaps because Belgium has a Catholic monarchy, they haven’t; perhaps because they understand that he became a saint based on his work in Hawaii, not anything he did in Belgium; likewise, Blessed Teresa has been Beatified based on her actions in Calcutta.


(CNN) — “By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world.”

Mother Teresa, pictured in 1997, lived and worked in Kolkata from 1931 until her death.

Mother Teresa, pictured in 1997, lived and worked in Kolkata from 1931 until her death.

That’s how Mother Teresa chose to describe herself in life. In death, however, her words will probably do little to settle a diplomatic squabble over her remains.

The Albanian government wants to receive her remains before her 100th birthday next year.

Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha said his nation plans to open a museum in Mother Teresa’s honor and has planned commemorative events.

But more important, Berisha said, Mother Teresa should rest next to her mother and sister, who are buried in a cemetery in the Albanian capital, Tirana.

“She missed them very much all her life,” he said. “My request is a very human one.

“She told me that she prayed every day for her family and her country. That’s why I think both governments should talk about [this] and find a solution,” Berisha said.

Then there is Macedonia, the nation where Mother Teresa was born and raised. It, too, may stake a claim on the woman who is well on a path to sainthood.

But India, the land where she made her life’s work, has made it clear that Mother Teresa, buried in the heart of Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta), will not be leaving her final resting place.

“Mother Teresa was a citizen of India,” said Vishnu Prakash, spokesman for the country’s external affairs ministry.

Though she arrived as a foreigner, Mother Teresa came to be cherished in her adopted home. In billboards and booklets, the city of Kolkata proudly claims her as one of its most famous citizens. She was a devout Catholic who transcended religion, inspiring a nation of millions of poor people, mostly Hindus and Muslims.

She is buried in the courtyard at the nondescript Missionaries of Charity compound in central Kolkata, a site visited by residents and tourists alike. People stream in from the bustling streets to the serenity of Mother House to pay their respects — and find strength in her presence.

They wander among her order of nuns in their simple blue-bordered white cotton saris. On the second floor is the small and sparse room that belonged to Mother Teresa.

“She has become part and parcel of our national life,” said Father Babu Joseph, spokesman for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India.

“She built a strong bond with India,” he said. “People of all religious groups here rather consider her an inalienable part [of India] and therefore we would strongly want the remains to be in India.”

Mother Teresa was born as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu to ethnic Albanian parents in Skopje, Macedonia, on August 26, 1910. At 18, she left home and joined the Sisters of Loreto, arriving in India in 1931.

Moved by staggering poverty and human suffering, she started the Missionaries of Charity, dedicating her life to helping those in need. She became a fixture on the streets of Kolkata, often picking up the sick and hungry, and giving them food, shelter and love.

When she accepted her Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, she asked that the gala dinner be canceled and the money be sent instead to help Kolkata’s destitute.

Mother Teresa was 87 when she died in 1997, the news eclipsed by Princess Diana’s death several days earlier.

Pope John Paul II beatified Mother Teresa in 2003 and she could be canonized by her centennial birthday next year — a saint in the heavens whose resting place on Earth remains a devilish debate.

11 Responses to Albania wants Mother Teresa’s Bones

  1. Bminata says:

    I have but one word for the Albanian government:


  2. Nan says:

    I agree completely; it would be one thing if they were asking for a relic to be venerated in her country of heritage, but I had the impression that it’s about tourism dollars, euros, dinar, yen or whatever currency they use in Albania these days.

  3. shant says:

    Albanian govt has shown how low than can go!!

  4. Erion Vela says:

    I met Mother Teresa many times as a kid in my hometown Tirana, Albania. One of the houses where her sisters operated was half a block away from my home. Despite the fact that she spent most of her life in India, the last years she was seen in Albania many times. Apparently, she loved being back in Albania.
    As much as I would have loved for her to be resting in Albania, I believe that the remaines of someone should not be removed at all despite who the person is. I believe, that if Mother Teresa would have died in Albania, the Indian government was going to demand the samething from Albania.
    However, I would have never called it “Shameless”.

  5. Nan says:

    “Shameless” because they seem only to want her as a tourist incentive and are approaching the secular authorities who don’t have control of her relics. Her order, at the motherhouse of which she lies buried has control of her relics.

    If Blessed Teresa died in Albania, her order would likely have had her returned to Calcutta, the location of her order’s motherhouse, in the country of which she was a citizen.

  6. Erion says:

    In other words it is shameless that the Albanian govt is asking for her but it will not have been shameless if the opposite would have occured.That is just great. By the way the Albanian govt just declared that they will not seek anymore her remains being that India “loves” her too

  7. Nan says:

    You don’t understand that this isn’t about governments. The Missionaries of Charity are the only ones with standing to decide where Blessed Teresa is buried. No matter where she died, the Superior General of her order would make the decision.

    The Albanian government is merely saving face; by now they realize that a secular authority has no business in determining the final resting place of a Beatified Religious.

  8. Erion Vela says:

    Maybe you right, but how come that it was the a representative of the Indian govt. that responded to the albanian request and it was not anyone from the church to do so?!

  9. Nan says:

    The Albanian Government contacted the Indian Government, so the government responded. They never contacted the Missionaries of Charity or anyone else from the Church.

  10. Mother TERESA was born and raised in Skopje,MACEDONIA.She live all her life in INDIA….What the people think in TIRANA-Albania ? Mother Teresa HAS NOTHING WITH THIS CITY AND COUNTRY….Helloo wake upppp…Stop using the name…Sha came to visit Tirana couple of times before,bla,bla,bla…What she was doing there ? Nothing because she is not connected there with anything….



    • Shpat says:

      Ohh sooo saad for you… you macedonian bitches killed albanians in that time and learn about history skopje was an old city of Illyria and Maqedonia are serbs and other shit

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