Race in this supposedly post-racial presidency

No We Can't

I thought Obama was supposed to be a post-racial president. Why, then, is any whiff of dissent reported in the press as racism?

ross perot

He reminds me of Ross Perot. I’ve been assured that it’s the ears.

donkey elephant

I am not a member of either political party.  I live in a liberal state, where everyone assumes that others are as liberal as they are. People are shocked to learn that I disagree.


I had misgivings about Obama’s candidacy. Especially once it was revealed that he had been affiliated with ACORN. I don’t like them. Never did.

abortionI found it offensive that he didn’t want his daughters punished with a baby. Perhaps he just doesn’t want his daughters to be responsible. Or to value life.


I don’t like the Weathermen.

Obama Pastor

Racist preachers.


Communist sympathizers.

karl marx



Saul Alinsky


Big Government.


Numerous Czars.

Czar Alexander III

I have a framed photograph of Czar Alexander III.


I’m not a fan of big government; we don’t need to live in a nanny state. It’s stifling. I thought the bailout was a bad idea. I’m against ramming legislation through without discussion.


I’m offended that the government owns part of AIG, which promotes Sharia Banking; if you recall, this is banking done by Islamic principles. No investments in un-Islamic products. While I don’t have an exhaustive list of those, I do know that


pork and any pig products would be verboten.


As would alcohol. No investing in Hormel, purveyor of fine pork products or any alcohol distillers or suppliers.

Dubai Bank-Mohammed Amiri and Faizal Eledath-prhero

I think it’s just fine if the First Bank of Dubai, or any institution in a Muslim country follows Sharia Banking, but it’s anti-Capitalist as limitations are set, not by government nor by the marketplace, but rather by a religion. If you recall that pesky little Constitution that we’re supposed to follow, the one prohibiting promotion of one religion above others, well, that’s a problem here as the government owns a portion of a bank promoting Islamic Banking.


One Response to Race in this supposedly post-racial presidency

  1. Days of Despair ? says:

    Well it is very interesting to have a Catholic makes such a straightforward apology of Capitalism.

    No big surprise – wasn’t Coca Cola Inc., not to talk about IT&T (you know, the famous one, in Turkey and Chile…), preceded by the Jesuits?

    Nothing like reading a post like this to raise your anticlerical level up three grades, very good in the morning.


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