Blessed Marco Criado, September 25

Blessed Marco Criado

Blessed Marco Criado, Martyr of Andujar
Andújar, Spain, April 25, 1522-September 25, 1569, La Peza, Spain

Roman Martyrology: On the Alpujarras mountains near Granada in Spain in Al, Bl Marco Criado, Priest of the Most Holy Trinity for the liberation of slaves and martyr who was killed by the Moors.

He was born in Andújar, Spain, April 25, 1522. Clever, he distinguished himself early, while still a child among his fellow students, especially learning the Christian doctrine. In 1536 he embraced the Trinitarian Order in his hometown, where he made even the philosophical and theological studies. Ordained a Priest, he exercised the sacred ministry of the word to Andújar in Jaen and Ubeda. Obedience destined him, then, a missionary of the Diocese of Guadix and the surrounding region, a stronghold of the Muslims.

His zeal for the glory of God and the salvation of souls was tireless. After a brief stop in La Peza as chaplain, walking, alone and in a thousand dangers, the towns and villages of the rugged hills dell’Alpujarras everywhere to comfort the weak in faith, to correct manners, flush the good, and exposing confusing the perverse. At La Peza was slapped, insulted and beaten, in the Sierra de los Filabres he was for two days tied to a tree in Cadiar, he escaped the fury of his foes down in a basket making from the window of his guest. Abhencota, one of the most ferocious animals died, bound him to the tail of a horse and dragged him ten leagues.

At the outbreak of the revolt of the Moors dell’Alpujarras, Blessed Marco Criado was the first victim. Conducted, including beatings and insults, not far from La Peza, was tied to an oak, where he stayed three days, singing hymns and praying to God for his killers. Died, finally, stoned September 25, 1569. La Peza reveres him as its patron, the Alpujarras his apostle, the Trinitarian Order one of its most authentic children. His worship from time immemorial was solemnly confirmed by Pope Leo XIII July 24, 1899. His feast is celebrated on September 25.

Author: Placido della Vergine

Source: Santi e Beati


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