How Can The Catholic Church Decide Who the Saints Are?

Q. I don’t understand how the church of one denomination can tell us who the saints are. The bible isn’t written to one denomination it is written to the whole body of Christ.

A. Actually, the New Testament was written by authors who belonged to the Catholic Church. And yes the Bible is for the whole body of Christ. But not all of the authors wrote it for the whole body of Christ. The authors of the Epistles wrote to specific churches or people. These were later included in the Bible. But I am sure Paul had no idea when he was writing to the Romans or the Corinthians that one day these letters would be deemed sacred Scripture.

Q. So what has empowered the Catholic church to claim Francis was a saint who wasn’t even in the bible?

A. In Matthew 16:19 Jesus gave Peter the Keys of the Kingdom and all the apostles the power to bind and loose. This is a Hebrew idom for “Authority to Rule” So, the Catholic Church, founded by Christ 2000 years ago, exercises this authority to make decisions to assist the faithful in their journey to Heaven.

Q. Denomination is man’s opinion of God’s truth.

A. You are absolutely right about that.

Q. God’s word specifically warns us against falling for man’s doctrine and not His.

A. True.

Q. The Catholic Church I’m sorry to say is wrong for providing laws instead of relationship. Jesus died for us to have relationship not for us to follow one man.

A. Well, when Jesus ascended into Heaven He put Peter and the apostles in charge of His Church on Earth. We listen to the Pope in obedience to Christ who gave us the structure and authority of Popes and Bishops to safely guide us into all truth. One of the things the Church does to carry out this holy responsibility is point out people who lived exemplary Christian lives so that we can learn more ways to live out our faith in Christ. The Church canonizes them, names them as Saints with a capital S, in order to give us a variety of holy examples of Christian living.

Those who are Saints are some of the best examples of having a deeply devout relationship with Jesus. And this very relationship is exactly why they were able to pursue holiness beyond their neighbors.


One Response to How Can The Catholic Church Decide Who the Saints Are?

  1. Eastern Christian saints and martyrs are not only recognized as such, but they widely populate the liturgical calendars of the various and sundry Eastern Catholic Churches.

    Saint Seraphim of Sarov is just one such more recent example.

    All unnamed saints have a feast day – all saints day.

    non-designation of “saint” does not mean unsaved. It is a recognition of certain notable friends in heaven. Not all can be named.

    Rex most of your posts are diatribes. Do you have an interest in discussion? This is borderline schizophrenic at this point.

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