Q. To quote Bob Dylan,“The Times They Are A Changing.”And it matters not if the official postion is based on fiction or perception. Today, a women almost anywhere, can become the President of a nation. Ordain her or lose her is the only viable option.

A.The Christian Faith, Catholic or Protestant is NOT about “keeping up with the times” or being hip, cool, up to date, or modern. The only thing it IS about is: TRUTH. And it is the most important TRUTH because the purpose of the Christian Faith is to show mankind how to live this life in friendship with the God of the Universe and thereby live with HIM in eternity rather than live a life of self-centeredness and rebellion and end up in HELL. The path to Heaven is unchanging and so is the Church. The directions are perfectly clear and just plain perfect. No need to fix what is not broken. If women leave the Church because they can’t be priestesses, then it is their loss, not the Church’s loss. This proves my point. Women who want to be priestessess are thinking more about themselves than how to get to Heaven. They are thinking more about themselves and their agendas than how to please their Lord. They are thinking more about power or honors in this life rather than gaining honor in the next. What I find very amusing is that the highest honor bestowed on a human being in the Catholic Church is being recognized as a SAINT. This goal is open to men and to women, equally. So, why do women want to be priestesses when they could be a Saint? Why not go for the gold

Also, the most highly honored Saint in the Church is a WOMAN! HOLY MARY.


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