Blessed Pere Tarres i Claret, August 31

Blessed Pere Tarres i Claret

Blessed Pere Tarres i Claret, Priest
Manresa (Barcelona), May 30, 1905 – Barcelona, August 31, 1950

Born in Spain in Manresa (Barcelona) on May 30, 1905 to parents who believed. He was a student of the Jesuit fathers and Scolopi, studying medicine; build the clinic of Our Lady of Mercy in Barcelona. Are the years of the Spanish Civil War in July of 1938 the Pere Tarrés Claret is enlisted as a doctor in the Republican military activities which heundertook with exemplary charity. Meanwhile the blessed studied Latin and philosophy, had only one desire to become a priest; he entered the seminary in ’39, four years later, he was ordained priest. He graduated in theology at the Pontifical University of Salamanca. He returned to Barcelona, where he held positions in Catholic education in particular for the youth in the parish ministry and as chaplain of the religious institutes of women. In May 1950, after being biopsied, he was diagnosed with lymphoma lymphosarcoma, and died a few months later, on August 31, just 45, on the clinic he founded. He was Beatified by Pope John Paul II at Loreto on September 5, 2004, during the largest gathering of Catholic Action which was held in the Marian city, and the two young members of Italian Catholic Alberto Rimini Marvelli and Pina Suriano Partinico were present.
Father Pere (Peter) Tarrés i Claret was born May 30, 1905 at Manresa in the province of Barcelona (Spain), his family consisted of parents who believed, and two sisters, Frances and Mary. Because of the mechanical work of his father, the family had to move frequently and on one of these trips he received Confirmation May 31, 1910, a pupil of the fathers Scolopi made his First Communion on May 1, 1913.

At age nine, he moved back with his family to Manresa where he began studying with the Jesuits. With a cheerful character and open natured, loving with family members, had the soul of a poet, spent his spare time helping in the pharmacy of Dr. Balaguer, who directed him in the continuation of his studies. With some scholarships, he received his baccalaureate degree at the College of St. Ignatius and was able to join a degree course in medicine at the University of Barcelona.

In 1921 he went to live in the district of Gracia, attended the Oratory of S. Philip Blacks, was a member of the Federation of Catholic and Christian Youth and held various positions, he often reiterated that, for him, the secret of spiritual life was his devotion to the Eucharist and filial love to Mary.
Meanwhile, in his family, things were not going well, in July 1925 his father died and shortly after the mother had an accident that made her crippled forever.

Nevertheless, at Christmas 1927, with the approval of his spiritual director, he took a vow of chastity. In 1928 he graduated in medicine with a special prize, and settled permanently in Barcelona.
Meanwhile, his sisters entered the convent of the Immaculate Conception, while Pere Tarrés the Claret agree with his friend dr. Gerardo Manresa, he founded the sanatorium-clinic of Our Lady of Mercy in Barcelona.

He was active as a doctor with exemplary charity and a religious life, without losing the contagious joy, which allowed him to treat the sick with familiarity.

In 1936 he was involved in the well-known bloody upheavals of the Spanish Civil War, April 18 Pere Tarrés the doctor went to the monastery of Montserrat for spiritual exercises, which were adjourned on July 21 due to the outbreak of the revolt, saw fit to contact the General Command of the succeeding to obtain the protection of the police to protect the famous monastery from the violence of anarchist militants.

He managed to bring Holy Communion to the persecuted and he escaped hidden in searches of his home made by the Reds.

In July 1938 he was drafted into the army as a military doctor and got several Republican promotion to captain, between action and the other continued in the study of Latin and philosophy, with the intention to prepare for future studies to the priesthood, among the soldiers he manifested his genuine faith at every opportunity.

Returning home at the end of the Civil War in 1939, he continued his profession in Barcelona, covering some assignments nell’AC, September 29, 1939 he entered the local seminary. His mother died in 1941, the year when he received minor orders, the diaconate was March 22, 1942 and he was ordained a priest May 30, 1942 at 37 years; a few days later he was appointed parochial vicar of St. Stefano Sesrovile.

The bishop of Barcelona in 1943, sent him to study at the Pontifical University of Salamanca, November 13, 1944 where he majored in theology, returning to Barcelona was entrusted to the various tasks both nell’AC that in the parish ministry and as chaplain of female religious institutes, and there will difficulties and sufferings, which his father was able to offer to God Pere Tarrés responding attitudes of evangelical charity, prudence and fortitude, he wrote in his diary about the apostolate nell’AC Sarrià female: “I am the son of laborers. In heaven I will work a lot for all of them. ”

In the years 1946-49 he held many positions in various organizational and spiritual welfare institutions, hospital, school, church, leaving those who contacted a track healthy and ageless.

On 17 May 1950 he was subjected to a biopsy, the result of which put the spotlight on a lymphoma lymphosarcoma, the evolution of the disease was lived with an attitude of total abandonment to God, to whom he offered his life for the sanctification of priests.

He died at just 45, on August 31, 1950 in the clinic he founded in Barcelona, and was buried in the cemetery of Montjuic, November 6, 1975 his mortal remains were transferred to the parish church of San Vicente de Sarria, where they now rest.

Author: Antonio Borrelli

Source: Santi e Beati

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