Blessed German of Carcaixent, August 9

Blessed German of Cartaxeint

Blessed German of Carcaixent (José Maria Hernandez Garrigues) Capuchin Priest and Martyr
Carcaixent, Valencia, Spain, February 12, 1895 – 1936

Roman Martyrology: In the village of Carcaixent in Valencia in Spain, Blessed Germanus ( José Maria) Garrigues Hernández, a Priest of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin and Martyr, who, during persecution against the faith, won the tortures of body with precious death.

Father was born in Germán Carcagente (Valencia), in the bosom of a Christian family, February 12, 1895. He was baptized on his day of birth in the parish of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción of Carcagente Confirmation was received on July 22, 1912 by Bishop Athanasius Fr. Royo Soler, duly authorized by the archbishop of the diocese. In the family of D. Juan Bautista and Donna Garrigues Ana María Hernández were born eight children, three of whom became like our Capuchin, José Maria.

His first studies were in the Capuchin Seraphic Seminary in Monforte del Cid; he joined the Capuchins, wearing the habit on August 13, 1911; he made his temporary profession of vows on August 15, 1912 and his perpetual vows on December 18 ,1917. Bishop Ramón Plaza ordered him to Orihuela February 9, 1919. His Superiors formed and ducated him, while at the same time he worked in the apostolate. Says P. Domingo Garrigues, Capuchin, that “the positions of disengagement Vicemaestro novice and teacher of a primary school to Alcira. Committed himself especially to the apostolates of the confessional, the sick and of catechesis of school children. “

“ Many of those who knew him speak of him as a religious vocation to the faithful, fervent in prayer and very charitable: Among the faithful – said his sister Mercedes Garrigues – and among the brothers of religion he enjoyed a very good reputation for his jovial character, for his charity and his candor. They used to say: He’s an angel. I heard from the religious that he was a very observant of all the Rules and Constitutions-Capuchin Franciscan. ” “His most outstanding quality – says his brother, Mr. Francisco Pascual Garrigues – was his deep piety and the attraction that had young people, without which we can recognize a flaw.” Enrique Albelda, Carcagente resident, recalled that “his temperament was simple and jovial. I must stress as well as substantial charitable and being easy to do charity. He was virtuous man, emphasizing on his unlimited patience. He was serene, humble, wise and modest.”

“ When there was religious persecution in Spain, he forced himself, like his brothers, to take refuge in the family home, leading a life there, devoted to prayer. He was taken by the militia on August 19, 1936 and led to the Center of the Communist Party, where at midnight he was raised to the iron railroad bridge over the Júcar river, where he was killed. “If God wants me to be a martyr – he said while they had been hidden – he will give me the strength to endure martyrdom.” When he came to the place of martyrdom – says Mr. Clement Albelda – Fr Germán, having kissed his hands and the executioners having forgiven, knelt. ” The corpse of Father Germán was buried in the ground, in the cemetery of Carcagente and on December 15, 1940 his remains were identified and transferred to the new cemetery in Carcagente. Currently, his remains rest in the chapel of the Martyrs of the Capuchin Convent of Mary Magdalene to Massamagrell.

He was Beatified on March 11, 2001 by Pope John Paul as one of 240 Blessed Capuchin Martyrs of Valencia.

Source: Santi e Beati

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