Blessed Xavier (Javier) Piferer Bordas, July 24

Blessed Xavier (Javier) Piferer Bordas

Blessed Xavier (Javier) Piferer Bordas Salesian Priest and Martyr
July 24
San Pol de Mar, Spain, September 4, 1914 – Barcelona, Spain, July 23, 1936

Roman Martyrology: Still in Barcelona, Blessed Xavier Bordas Piferrer, religious of the Salesian Society and Martyr who, with his martyrdom witnessed the example of Christ’s life master.

He was born in San Poi de Mar (Barcelona) on September 24, 1914 to a deeply Christian family. His childhood was spent in a very Salesian lifestyle. For six years he studied at the College of Mataro. He took his Religious vows in 1932 and was sent to Rome to study philosophy at the Gregorian University. Together with Don Félix Vivet he went to Spain on holiday on July 17, 1936. In Sarria (Barcelona)he was surprised by the outbreak of civil war. On July 23, he tried to take refuge at a property his parents owned, but was recognized by some people; finding his passport and the identity card of a religious, he was shot on the spot.

He was Beatified on March 11, 2001 by Pope John Paul II, as one of the 201 Blessed Martyrs of Valencia, 42 of which were Spanish Salesians.



One Response to Blessed Xavier (Javier) Piferer Bordas, July 24

  1. Coincidence. says:

    Jesus was not crucified.
    Xavier is The Christ.
    That’s how fucked up the world is.
    *8. A man on a cross.
    /\8. A man being raped.
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    I will kill all of you who continue to decieve The Righteous.
    You killed her. She was in love. He loved her.
    She is still in love. Does he still love her?
    She has moved on. She loves two other men.
    She is obligated to them.
    She rules the world from her grave.
    She will get her vengeance for her death.
    The end of this EMAIL.

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