Where Does Scripture Say Mary was Sinless?

Jeronie Frias: “Jesus and Mary were sinless…” whose teaching is this that Mary is sinless?

BFHU: This is taught by the Catholic Church, the Church that Jesus Christ founded.

JF:There’s no verse anywhere else in the Scriptures that says Mary is sinless.

Are you aware that you are clinging to a Protestant tradition? There is no verse in Sacred Scripture that says all religious truth must be found explicitly in Scripture.
So we all believe in things that are not in Scripture. Your belief in Sola Scriptura was begun about 500 years ago. And it never would have taken hold if it was not begun after the printing press was invented which made Bibles more available and reading became more common. Before that most people were dependant upon the oral teachings of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

However the Catholic Church has believed in the sinlessness of Mary since the beginning. Even Martin Luther believed in Mary’s sinlessness see my post HERE

JF: In fact she callled out to her God, her ‘Savior’.

And He certainly was her savior click HERE

JF:Why do you consider Mary as sinless?

Please see this post HERE

JF:Why do you equate Mary to Jesus?

We absolutely do not equate Mary with or to Jesus. Jesus is Divine. Mary is a mere human. Adam and Eve were created without a sin nature, Jesus and Mary were also conceived and born without a sin nature. Adam and Eve sinned. Jesus and Mary did not sin. That does not make her divine. She is fully human exactly as God intended all mankind to be. But due to the sin of our first parents, mankind is fallen.

JF:(Jesus) has shed His blood for man’s salvation? Certainly it’s not Mary.

Not sure what you mean by, Certainly it’s not Mary.
If you mean “Mary did not shed her blood for man’s salvation” …that is true of course


One Response to Where Does Scripture Say Mary was Sinless?

  1. David Thomas says:

    Actually, from a Protestant viewpoint Mary DID shed her blood for our salvation. Since they believe that she did not remain a virgin in giving birth, then there would have been quite a bit of blood at the Nativity of our Lord. Since His birth was necessary for our salvation, then Mary shed her blood for us!

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