The Jihad is Alive and Well, at a College near you

True in Minneapolis, where it’s reported that a second young Somali man has been killed after having gone home to be part of the Jihad; he is the third who has gone home and died, the first one took part in a homicide bombing, the second was also killed.

Jamal BanaJamal Bana

Jamal Bana is one of several Somali youth who returned to their homeland in November; he was shot, most likely by Abu Shabaad, the terrorist group he went to join. Are they being killed because they’re not Jihadist enough? For planning to return to Minneapolis and their decadent Western lifestyles? Because a return home implies availability to the FBI who will then know the identities of the local recruiters?

While the Somali community has been disgruntled about the investigation, the FBI has the obligation to investigate ties to terrorism as the young men who wen to Somalia have the potential to wreak havoc if they return home.

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