Blessed Mariano de Jesus Eues Hoyos, July 13

Blessed Mariano de Jesus Eues Hoyos

Blessed Mariano de Jesus Eues Hoyos

October 14, 1845, Yarumal, diocese of Antioquía, Colombia-July 13, 1926, Angostura, Antioquía, Colombia

Eldest son of a religious rural Colombian family in a time when the state was hostile to the Church. From age 16 he wanted to become a priest; entry the new Medellin Seminary at age 24, and ordained in 1872. Worked in the parishes of San Pedro and Yarumel, and in 1878 he was assigned as priest to Angostura where he spent the rest of his life.

Mariano had a great love for the poor, especially rural labourers. His preaching was simple and effective, his time spent ministering to the spiritual and social needs of his flock, and the people who knew him considered him a saint in life. However, his parish was in an area beset by civil war, and neither side seemed sympathetic to the Church; several times Mariano had to hide in nearby caves to escape the fighting.

Padre Marianito was beatified after confirmation of a miracle in the life of Father Rafael Gildardo Velez Saldarriaga of Medellin. Velez underwent prostate surgery in 1970; in 1982 he developed cancer on the scar. He had surgery, cobalt and estrogen therapies, and seemed to have recovered. In March 1987 he developed an oedema of the legs that turned into elephantiasis followed by metastasis of the spinal column, and the 75 year old priest was pronounced terminal. But in September 1987 he began to improve. In two months the oedema was completely reduced, the cellulitis and bone metastasis had disappeared. Doctors and scientists examined Father Velez in June 1991, and declared his cure had no scientific explanation. Additional analyses carried out in 1997 showed complete recovery, and on 4 April 1998, the Medical Commission of the Vatican Congregation for the Causes of Saints acknowledged unanimously that the priest’s cure could not be scientifically explained, and was attributed to Padre Marianito’s intercession.

If you have information relevant to the canonization of Blessed Mariano, contact:
Calle Real 28-44
Sta. Rosa de Osos (Antioquia), COLOMBIA

Source: Patron Saints Index


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  2. could some one please give the info. on how to recieve this prayer in english…thank you….

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